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Aloha! Marching Indians To Perform In Hawaii

Clark County’s Marching Indians are preparing to hit the road again.
As its final number during Thursday evening concert, the band performed the haunting and emotional work “December 7, 1941”.

“It’s a special piece, because a little more than a year from now, we’ll perform this piece in the place where it happened,” CCR-1 Band Director Bob Dooley announced, surprising both the band and audience with the news.  The high school gym erupted into cheers.

While details are still being worked out, the CCR-1 Marching Indians will have a parade opportunity and a concert in Hawaii.

“People have been speculating that we’re going to Hawaii for years.  We thought it was time to try to make that a reality.” Dooley said.

At the end of the concert, the band paid tribute to Delores Trammel, who is retiring as a custodian at CCR-1 High School.  A tireless supporter of the band, Trammel was honored with gifts and her own reserved seat at future band concerts.