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Kahoka Cemetery Plans Headstone Restoration

By Kevin Fox

Some historic tombstones in the Kahoka City Cemetery will soon see some restoration, thanks to the City of Kahoha.  Included in the 2007-2008 budget was $2000 for stone restoration at the cemetery.
"We are quite pleased to receive the funds, as they were very much needed. Currently, we have been in contact with two people who do stone restoration, to see who will give us the best deal, or get the most stone refurbished for $2,000. After reviewing the condition of some of the stones in the cemetery, the committee has made the decision to begin the restoration project with as many as nine Civil War stones. The stones are located in the old original section of the cemetery. We do not know if the $2,000 will be enough for all nine stones but we will take it as far as it will go." Kahoka Cemetery Committee member Wayne Blum said, adding that he would estimate the number of stones that need some type of repair would be in the hundreds.
The nine stones that were placed on the repaired list and their location and individual needs are as follows:
#1. Smith, John P. Pallbearer for President Lincoln. Needs the lettering improved.
#2. Whaley, James H. Stone in two pieces
#3. Washburn, Capt. Luther. Stone in two pieces
OLD ORIGINAL #001A (Back Section)
#4. Taylor, Squire. Stone in two pieces
#5. Morison, John. Stone in two pieces
#6. Donnelly, W.L., Stone in two pieces
#7. Parsons, Ben J. Stone needs straightened
OLD ORIGINAL #1 (Front Section)
#8. Holcomb, Wm. H. Top needs replaced and stone needs straightened
#9. Emerson, Capt. R.D. The whole stone wiggles
Blum added that if anyone would want to give money to the restoration of an ancestor’s head stone that is need of repair it would be greatly appreciated and on their check they should designate that the money is to be used for what particular stone. However, any generic monetary gift would be appreciated as well.
Serving on the Kahoka City Cemetery Committee are Robert Walker, Mary Jones, Mary Weber, Kathy DeBuhr, and Wayne Blum.  Larry Young serves on the committee as the representative from the city council.