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Clark County Back to School Fair

Clark County Back to School Fair



Clark County Middle School

August 8, 2007



Do you know about Clark County’s Back to School Fair?  It is an excellent family learning experience while receiving your necessary school supplies!  This is supported by our county organizations and merchants.  They have been a fantastic support for many years.


NMCAA Outreach Office has applications available for your BACK TO SCHOOL FAIR.  Please pre-register your children as soon as possible so we can purchase school supplies.  School supplies are purchased for each grade from your teachers’ lists for all students in Clark County. 


Your Back to School Fair is at the Clark County Middle School Gym in Kahoka on August 8, 2007 for all students living in Clark County.   The doors will be open at 2:00 PM for your family to begin the great excursion through our wonderland of booths for your enjoyable learning experience!!


We have many drawings available sponsored by your local community.   Our top prizes are awarded to those that pre-register and attend the fair. (1 $100.00 gift certificate) and (2 – $50.00 gift certificates).  Last year each student received an extra prize to go with their school supplies.


If you have questions, please call Joy at 660-727-2861.





Joy Beaird

Community Resource Coordinator






















Scotland County Youth Life Skills Class


Navigating Life:  Skillbuilding for Tomorrow’s Community – July 17-20, 2006


Your NMCAA Outreach Office is again accepting applications for Scotland County youth, ages 11 through 14.


Applications are available for income eligible youth at NMCAA Outreach Office in Memphis.  If you need an application mailed, please let me know.   


This class is being held at the Hud Community Building at 31 Cornelius Avenue south of the Scotland County High School.  This is a fun and learning summer break!  We have many changes planned so if you have previously attended – look for our changes!  If you complete the class, you may earn a $25.00 stipend.


We will have fun learning, playing and eating!!


Enrollment deadline is July 7, 2006.  Seating is limited to 25 youth so enroll ASAP.


If you have any questions, please call Beverly at  465-8558.