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City of Kahoka Passes Resolution In Support Of County-Wide Fire Protection District

By Mike Scott

The Kahoka Board of Aldermen passed a resolution  during its meeting on Monday night, September 10,  supporting the creation of a county-wide, tax-supported fire protection district.  The idea has been floated for months among the county’s various fire chiefs. 
Better fire protection is needed for economic development across the county, officials stated.  Obstacles to the idea include the potential re-distribution of fire equipment and fears that Kahoka’s concerns will dominate the county.
More discussions among the county’s fire chiefs are planned, and the creation of a tax-supported fire-protection district would require the approval of voters.
The board also discussed a request for the City of Revere to hire Kahoka’s dog catcher. 
“It opens up quite an issue unless there is some kind of formal agreement,” said City Attorney Rick Roberts.  “I think allowing a city employee to work privately using city equipment would be a very poor policy decision.”
“If it is simply a contractual agreement between municipalities, that would be fine,” said Roberts.
“If we’re going to survive and grow as a county, we have to start working together to do things easier and cheaper,” added Alderman Jerry Webber.
The board agreed to set up a meeting between Kahoka and Revere representatives to develop a cooperative plan.
Kahoka cable subscribers will see a rate increase starting in October.
“Subscription prices have gone up-primarily for any channel that carries sports,” said Webber.
“We try to provide the service at a good price,” continued Alderman Larry Young.  “Talk to anyone out in the country, and $50-60 per month is more the norm.”
The rates will increase by $3.00, effective October 1.  In addition, the Hallmark Channel will be added.
Following up on his statement at the August meeting, Webber asked Mayor Herb Butler to re-instate the committee system, saying he was better informed with that system.
In response, Butler proposed a modified system where he and one alderman would serve as committee members on each of several committees.  No action was taken on the issue, because Alderman Jeff Woods was not present for the meeting.
The council approved a bid for the repair of a leaking water pump in pumphouse number 3.  The low bidder was Northway Well of Marion, Iowa, which was the company which originally installed the well.  The repair cost will be $2220.
The board approved Mayor Butler’s appointment of Jena Church as City Collector, replacing Barb Webber.  The board previously approved hiring Church as the city’s utility billing clerk.  After the approval vote, Church was sworn in by City Clerk Linda Plenge.
A group of youth asked the council for a grant of $2500 to build skateboard equipment at the west tennis court at O-MAK-O-HAK Park.  The council had allowed another group of skaters to locate their ramps and equipment there, but they have decided to move to an indoor location out of Kahoka.
“We as the city cannot give you the money,” said Alderman Curtis Mack. 
However, the location is still available for skateboard equipment if they raise the funds themselves.
In other business, the council:
–Discussed a parade entry for the Old Settlers Day Parade.
–Discussed the time capsule buried at the Sever Library.  City crews are not certain where it is buried, and former Mayor Gene Daniel informed Mayor Butler that the capsule was welded shut when it was put into the ground.
–Agreed to a pay 1/2 ($2400) of the cost to belong to the Northeast Missouri Drug Task Force, providing Clark County pays the other half.
–Discussed after-midnight parking on the square.  The new tavern, Froggies, is licensed to serve past midnight.  Attorney Rick Roberts will review the ordinances
–Fire Chief Lary Fountain reported the city was denied a grant for a new fire truck.
–Discussed the placement of rocks and other barriers on city right of way.
–Denied a request of a landlord to have a water bill reduced because of water leak.
–Approved garage building permits for 1057 N Johnson and 675 W Cedar, and an building addition at Mac’s Super Saver.