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Kayla Oilar, Matt Sewell and Kelsey Arnold Grab Outstanding 4-H Honors

By Kevin Fox

The Clark County 4-H Recognition program was held October 21, at the Kahoka Christian Church. The annual event recognizes the efforts of 4-H members for their various achievements. Serving as Master of Ceremonies was Don Nicholson, Area Youth Development Specialist. Leading the opening pledges were the Antioch and Busy Beaver clubs. Linda Gordy, Clark County Youth Program Assistant made a presentation highlighting the past 4-H year.
While many awards and certificates were presented the highlight of any 4-H recognition program is the naming of the ‘Outstanding 4-H Girl and Boy". Kayla Oilar was named Outstanding Girl and Matt Sewell was named Outstanding Boy. Kelsey Arnold was named "Outstanding Member". Fox River Clovers was named "Outstanding Club".
County Achievement Summary Awards were given as follows: Arts & Crafts – Kelsey Arnold, Cady Flood, and Ashley Kleine – with all receiving medals. Beef – Kelsey Arnold, Cody Baker, Cory Baker and Danielle Wheeler – with all receiving medals. Breads – Kelsey Arnold and Cady Flood – both receiving medals. Bucket Calf – Cody Baker, Cory Baker and Danielle Wheeler – with all receiving a certificate. Clothing – Kelsey Arnold and Elsa Scott, with both receiving medals. Dog Care – Ashley Kleine, Ebonie Shelton, and Danielle Wheeler, with all receiving medals. Exploring 4-H Gracelin McAfee – Medal. Food Nutrition – Kayla Oilar and Teri Walker – medals, and Ebonie Shelton and Tessa Oilar – certificates. Global Education – Teri Walker – Medal. Goat – Katie Plenge, Ashley Kleine, and Danielle Wheeler – medals. Jacqueline Plenge – certificate. Horse – Kelsey Arnold and Kelsey Salyers – both receiving medals. Photography – Cady Flood, Kayla Oilar, Teri Walker, Tessa Oilar – medals. Ebonie Shelton – certificate. Poultry – Katie Plenge – medal and Ashley Kleine – certificate. Rabbit – Jacqueline Plenge – medal. Sheep – Cody Baker, Cory Baker, and Jacqueline Plenge – medals. Kelsey Salyers – certificate. Shooting sports – Cody Baker and Matt Sewell – medals. Wood Science – Matt Sewell – medal.
Those receiving County Achievement Awards were: Kelsey Arnold, Cory Baker, Ashley Kleine, Kayla Oilar, Jacqueline Plenge, Kelsey Salyers, Elsa Scott, Teri Walker, Cody Baker, Cady Flood, Gracelin McAfee, Tessa Oilar, Katie Plenge, Ebonie Shelton, Matt Sewell, and Danielle Wheeler.
Membership completion awards were then presented to members of the Clover Kids, Antioch, Busy Beavers, Fox River Clovers, Shamrock, and Willing Workers.  The 4-H Clover Leader Awards were presented for years of service with bronze pins going for leaders with 1 year. Those receiving those awards were: Davin Acklie, Anita Arnold, Danelle Brunk, Rebecca Burr, Mike Frazier, Sandy Frazier, Roby Hammond, Annette Nolene James, Kimberly McAfee, Donald Nelson, Melissa Riney, Rhonda St.Clair, and Beverly Yates. 5- Years- Laura Gray and Cynthia McDannald. 15 years – Marilyn Day.
Community Service Awards were: Ashton Cloverleaf – Silver, Fox River Clovers – Gold, and Willing Workers – Purple, Fashion Revue awards went to the following individuals – 13 and Under Fashion Selection – Ashley Kleine, Crochet – Ashley Kleine, and 14 and Over fashion Construction – Kelsey Arnold. Ashley Kleine also received recognition for her Table Place Setting.
Shooting Sports Awards were presented to: Under 14 Jr. Britten Gray, Cody Baker, and Jeremy Daw. Over 14 Sr. Jeremy Logsdon, Kyle Meinhardt, Justin Oilar, and Matt Sewell.
Winning the State Fair Scholarship was Jesse Sewell. Teri Walker was also recognized by the Clark County Association for Family and Community Education and was presented a FCE Cookbook.
Jim and Kay Campbell were recipients of the Naomi Crouch Leadership Award. Kathy Williams was the winner of the Frank Graham leadership Award. Mary Jo and the late CJ Dean were placed on the 4-H Hall of Fame.
Members receiving the Hustle Award, which is sponsored by the 4-H Council were Kelsey Salyers and Zach Riney. Justin Oilar and Cady Flood received the Anna Mae Shaffer Citizenship Award, which is sponsored by Larry Shaffer. Winners of the "I Dare You " Award were Matt Sewell and Kelsey Arnold.  Savings Bond winners were – Matt Sewell – Exchange Bank of NEMO, Kelsey Arnold – Kahoka Sate Bank, Caroline Krueger and Ashley Kleine – FCE.