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Clark Co. Health Department Gets $68,378 Renovation Grant

Sixteen local county health departments in northeast and north central Missouri are sharing $1,172,494, thanks to a special funding effort by Missouri Foundation for Health (MFH).  These grants fund infrastructure improvements so that the departments can improve delivery of health services in their respective communities.  In total, MFH is providing $13.1 million – its largest single funding effort to date – to 84 local county health departments in Missouri.
Each health department in the MFH service area received a base grant of $50,000 plus $2.10 per area resident based on 2005 population data.  The individual department grants range from about $58,000 to more than $2 million.
“With this grant, health departments can address infrastructure problems so that available government funding can continue to be spent where it is needed most – providing services to area residents,” said Dr. James R. Kimmey, president and CEO of MFH. 
Infrastructure improvements funded through these grants include the purchase of equipment supporting information technology, communication services, transportation improvements, health-related educational programs, or renovations related to improving client services.
Clark County Health Department will receive $65,378. which will be used to improve services to clients by making renovations to its facility.