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Kahoka Increases Electric Rates

By Mike Scott

As expected, Kahoka residents will see an increase in  their electric rates next month.  On Monday night, November 12, the Kahoka Board of Aldermen gave its unanimous approval to a  rate increase.
Under the plan, Kahoka would change from a monthly charge of $8.00, plus $0.0674 for the first 1000 kilowatts, to a monthly $12.00 charge plus $0.07 for the first 1500 kilowatts.  An average Kahoka home uses about 1300 kilowatts per month, and the increase will cost about $12 per month more.
Kahoka’s current wholesale agreement with Ameren UE will expire at the end of 2008, and electricity costs have increase dramatically in recent years.
The board also gave the first two readings to the 2008 municipal election ordinance.  A third reading and approval will take place at the next council meeting.  If approved, it will establish April 8 as the day to elect two aldermen, one for the west ward and one for the east ward.  Currently, those positions are held by Larry Young and Curtis Mack. 
Interested parties will be allowed to declare their candidacy  between December 18, 2007 and January 22, 2008.
The board also accepted a plat for a new proposed subdivision near Martin Avenue and Union Street. The Country View subdivision is being developed by Darrell Dean.
“He wants to have a good neighborhood.  Property purchasers will be bound by covenants,” said City Assistant Jim Sherwood.
The board will adopt a formal resolution accepting the plat at its next meeting.
Much discussion was held on the ongoing topic of creating a county-wide, tax-supported fire protection district.
“The meeting went very well,” Alderman Jeff Wood said of the October meeting between several of the county’s fire departments.  “I think everyone would be in agreement if equipment stays where it is and subdivisions have elected representation.”
City Attorney Rick Roberts explained that state legislation would be necessary to allow the formation of subdistricts, and Senator Wes Shoemyer and Representative Brian Munzlinger would be working on those issues.
“I think what we saw at that meeting was the seed of a county-wide district,” Roberts said.
At this point, each fire department is discussing the idea within its own membership.  The county’s only tax-supported district, Alexandria, was taken a “wait and see” approach, according to Roberts.
If all departments reach agreement, and the legislative changes are made, the district court would be petitioned, and the measure could then be placed on a ballot, perhaps in the fall of 2008 or spring of 2009.
The board also discussed the June purchase of rock for the Kent Nixon property, behind Dollar General.  The board purchased $600 of rock, along with donations by downtown businesses, to move the food commodity distribution.
“It’s a matter of principle,” said Alderman Curtis Mack.  “We should ask for the money to be repaid to the city.”
In other business, the council:
–Accepted a bid of $800 for the former police car from Jason Boatman.
–Awarded the bid for pool house roof materials to Wood Builders in the amount of $3237.
–Approved a free hookup promotion for cable service between December 3-7.
–Approved building permits at 905 W. Exchange and 205 E Maple.
–Discussed a recent law change concerning employers offering a cafeteria plan.  Approved having Hawkins Insurance find plan vendors.
The next council meeting will be Monday, November 19, at 6:30 PM.