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Kahoka City Council Awards Bid For Demolition Contract

By Mike Scott

At least 17 dilapidated structures, fifteen residential and two commercial, will be torn down in the coming weeks, thanks to a Community Development Block Grant.   At a special meeting of the Kahoka Board of Aldermen Monday night, November 19, the council award the demolition contract to the low bidder, Campbell Trucking, in the amount of $84,198.
Other bidders for the project were:  Kent DaVolt-$96,580, Scott Hoffman-$124,210, Blick’s Construction-$231,850, Ron Dawn LLC, $139,978, and A&D Construction-$112,265.
Mayor Herb Butler asked the council to approve the low bid, and informed them that there would be extra costs added because of heavy metal and lead paint at some of the sites.  Samples from each site have been sent away for testing.
“I don’t want anything with a change order torn down before we approve it,” requested Alderman Curtis Mack.  The board approved the low bid, and will require any changes to be brought before the council before demolition.
The properties and owners on the demotion list are:
207 E. Clark St.-Dale Moss
171 Clifford St.-Forrest Moss
506 W Cedar-Janice Sturm
468 W. Chestnut-Wayne Blum
322 E Main-James Neves
152 W. Thompson-Peoples Bank
1352 East Ave.-Larry Holmes
302 E. Thompson-Burl Nichols
1005 East Ave.-Larry Adamson
607 E. Main-John McDaniel
570 N. Johnson-Tony Ramsey
102 E. Court-Ted Kirchner
146 E. Court-Ted Kirchner
375 W. Commercial-Wilma Kerr
374 W. Union-Bill Ragan
701 W. Main-Melissa Tweedy
235 E. Commercial-Marshal Harvey
It was noted that the Strum property is being withdrawn from the list, and may be replaced by another property.
Residential property owners will pay $500 for demolition costs, and commercial owners will pay 20 percent of the cost.
The board also took action to approve the engineering expense of the 2008 portion of the city’s waterline replacement project.  The board agreed to pay French-Renecker and Associates $6935 for the engineering work.  This will be the third year of the seven-year Phase 1.
The 2008 waterline project will include  11 blocks running from Court Street from Johnson to Ackland, Jefferson Street from Court to Maple, and Maple Street from Johnson to Jefferson.
“The guys have really done a super job,” Mayor Butler commented on the
The board also gave final reading and approval to an election ordinance establishing April 8 as a municipal election.