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LEPC To Update Distaster Relief Service Chart

By Kevin Fox

The Clark County LEPC  (Local Emergency Planning Committee) met in its regular bi-monthly meeting at the Kahoka Fire Station on Thursday, November 15. The main topic for the meeting was how LEPC could better serve and better be prepared for a disaster if one should strike Clark County. Using the Disaster Relief Service Chart, which was prepared by Lewis County following a tornado which struck their county for example, LEPC members discussed how an updated chart could be prepared for Clark County. A list of emergency contacts is in a LEPC manual that each department is to have, however it has been some time since that list has been updated. A Committee of Brian Ferrell, Chuck Jenkins, and Kevin Fox will begin to update that list and create a new Disaster Relief Service Chart that will be small enough to be placed in emergency response vehicles. The chart will contain the names of relief agencies as well locations where persons involved in the disaster can be taken for lodging or food, such as local churches and schools, as well as the names of those who can unlock those locations which might have to be used in the case of emergency. Once completed, plans call for the list to be updated on a yearly basis.
In regular business, the September 20th minutes were approved.
  The Treasurer’s Report reflected a beginning balance of $13,796.31. Disbursements for October and November showed $46.80 to Kahoka Meat Processing for food during the October training. $742.00 to Roberts Company for safety vests, and $50.60 to Kahoka Meat Processing for food during training. The ending balance as of November 15 was $12,956.91.
In Old Business, it was reported that Chuck Jenkins (LEPC Chairman) had worked with James Neves and emergency back-up batteries had been installed for communication at the costs of $2,200. Tests had already been performed on the back up batteries and they work well.
Lary Fountain reported that the Emergency Response vests had been ordered and should be in any time. A total of 20 vests were ordered from the Roberts Company of Framingham, MA. There are different vest dependent up service, such as "Incident Commander" "Fire" and "Police".
Discussion was also held concerning upcoming NIMS (National Incident Management) training Chairman Jenkins had been in contact with a person who can provide NIMS training that will not require the normal 12 or 24 hours of training depending upon what level. All agreed less time would probably mean a larger turnout of participants as long as the training is approved and recognized. Jenkins will make additional contacts to insure that the training is recognized.
  In New Business besides the previously mentioned Disaster Relief Service Chart, Clark County Commissioner C.W. Higbee announced that Jim Sherwood will now be the Clark County LEPC Emergency Management Director, replacing Daron Dalton.