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“Just One” is Theme for Missouri Public Health Week

 Underscoring the belief that just one person making just one key decision can have a positive impact on that person’s health and on the environment, Just One will be the theme for this year’s Missouri Public Health Week. This year’s public health emphasis is set for April 7 to 11 and will be observed by public health agencies across the state, and will coincide with National Public Health Week set for the same dates.
“This year’s Just One theme is great, because it emphasizes that each person can make a difference simply by starting with one thing that will improve their health and, in doing so, can also help benefit the environment,” said Evelena Sutterfield, RN, Administrator of the Clark County Health Department. “We also want people to see this year’s Just One theme as a call to action and use it as a starting point that will lead to a life-long dedication to a healthier life and environment. We encourage people to choose one healthy activity to start, then next year they can continue the first activity and start just one more.”
Evelena said there are many ways people can get started with Just One and a variety of activities that are easy to do and that are good for their health and the environment. Evelena said that to help people get started, they can choose Just One of five key actions and then select from a wide variety of activities the one that best fits them. Below are the five actions and just a few of the activity ideas for each. A person can choose one of these, or they can create their own Just One activity.
-Just One: Step – Walk or ride your bike to work or on errands. If you live too far away, park farther from the entrance to increase your daily walking steps.
-Just One: Choice – Choose to shop at a local farmers market to get more fresh fruits and vegetables.
-Just One: Change – Turn off the TV, go outside and spend 30 minutes walking through the neighborhood or a local park.
-Just One: Touch – Reach out to help a neighbor clean up his yard.
-Just One: Word – Teach a child how important her health is and how she can help protect the world we live in.
“Another great thing about the Just One actions and activities is that individuals, families and even entire communities can work together to improve the health and wellbeing of people and the environment,” said Evelena.
For more information about Just One or for details about local Missouri Public Health Week activities and events, contact the Clark County Health Department and Home Health Agency at 727-2356.