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Clark Co. Jail Inmate, Husband Charged With Conspiracy

 By Mike Scott

Angela Knowles, the woman who along with her brother Shane Roberts, were allegedly involved in the 2006 Knox City murder of Larry Callahan, is in more trouble in Clark County.
Angela and her husband Rusty were arrested April 1, after they allegedly conspired to bring illegal narcotics into the Clark County Jail, where Angela Knowles is being held.
Angela Knowles was being held on second degree murder charges for the 2006 crime.
According to Clark County Sheriff Roy Gilbert, Angela had contacted Rusty by mail, and asked him to bring her some narcotics. Those narcotics were concealed inside personal items.
Both are charged with Delivery/Attempt to Deliver/Possession/Deposit/ Conceal a Controlled Substance at Correctional Facility, a Class C Felony C under RSMo: 217.360 .
According to the felony complaint, Angela and Rusty conspired to bring Methadone, Alprazolam, and Carisprodal into the Clark County Jail on or about March 31.
Both Angela and Rusty had hearings on Friday, April 11. Rusty had been released on a personal recognizance bond, and is scheduled to appear in Associate Court on April 25.
Angela remains in the Clark County Jail.
Knowles and Roberts were arrested on October 30, 2007, on Knox County, Missouri warrants in connection with the October 5 or 6, 2006, homicide of 57-year old Larry G. Callahan of Knox City, Missouri.
Callahan was found dead in his mobile home in Knox City on October 6, 2006, but neighbors recall hearing loud banging sounds the evening before.
The Boone/Callaway County Medical Examiner’s office reported Callahan’s death was the result of multiple gunshot wounds.