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CCR-1 Fine Art Awards 2008

By Mike Scott

Clark County R-1 High School hosted its Fine Arts Awards night Monday evening, April 28. The evening began with a dinner in the commons, before moving into the gym for the awards ceremony.
Kari Wright presented several Art Awards. Outstanding artists in each class received medals. In Design, Joe Griffey earned a medal. In Art I, Bryan Plenge and Alyssa Redding received medals, and Art II students Elsa Scott and Danielle Bunker received medals. Special Art awards were given to: Art Extraordiaire-Elsa Scott; Art Perfectionist-Bryan Plenge, New Art Mixer-Danielle Bunker, Shading Artist-Jake Bunker.
Between awards sections, three CCR-1 students who received a I Rating at state performed their solos. First to perform was Jesse Hanlin on tuba.
Next on the program were Chorus Awards. All Conference chorus members were: Syerra Huston, Amanda Denning, Cassie Gregorcyk, Kaitlyn Simpson, Caitlyn Slater, Josh Baumgartner, Cody Sommers, Jared English and Andy Harper
Cassie Gregorcyk was selected for All District Choir.
Contest ratings were: Piano solo-Brooke Wheeler, District I, State II; Vocal Trio (Syerra Huston, Cassie Gregorcyk, Elsa Scott) District I, State II; Mixed Ensemble (Cassie Gregorcyk, Syerra Huston, Chloe Bertschi, Amanda Denning, Jared English, Colten Protsman, Jesse Hanlin, Josh Baumgartner) District I, State III.
Receiving II ratings at district were: Elsa Scott-Piano, Syerra Huston-Vocal, Jared English-Vocal, Cassie Gregorcyk-Vocal, Chloe Bertschi-Vocal, Riquel Dobson-Vocal, Colton Protsman, Jared English, Michael Walker, Josh Baumgartner, Jesse Hanlin-Men’s Sextet, Riquel Dobson, Amanda Denning, Taylor Morgan, Dani Dochterman, Krista Geverola, Caitlyn Slater-Women’s Sextet.
Receiving a III rating on her piano solo was Chloe Bertschi.
After the chorus awards were finished, Elsa Scott performed her oboe solo, which earned a I at state last week.
Nancy Huffman presented certificates to all the girls in the Flag Corps.
Matt Sewell performer his I Rated Marimba solo, before Mr. Dooley presented the band awards.
Honored for All District band were Elsa Scott and Krista Pezley. Honorable Mention All District band were Chloe Bertschi and Matt Sewell.
All Conference band members were Krista Pezley, Kristen St. Clair, Katarina Cannon, Alicia Fountain, Elsa Scott, Chloe Bertschi, Tiffany Shaffer, Corey Horter, Darrin Lillard, Ethan Hogan, Scott McAfee, Curtis Jenkins, Tony Edmondson, Landon LeMaster, Chris Branson, Jesse Hanlin, Matt Sewell, Darrin Howell, Emily Stewart, Audrey Kerr.
Students receiving a I rating at contest were: Kristen St. Clair, flute, I District, II State; Krista Pezley, flute, I District, II State; Flute Trio (Krista Pezley, Teri Walker, Daryle Goldie) I District, II State; Jesse Hanlin, tuba, I District, I State; Tyler Gates, alto sax, I District, III State; Elsa Scott, oboe, I District, I State; Darrin Lillard, tenor sax, I District, II State.
Trombone Quartet (Audrey Kerr, Kendi Kirchner, Cady Flood, Jessica Saunders), I District, II State; Sax Quartet (chloe Bertschi, Darrin Lillard, Josh Baumgartner, Corey Horter) I District, II State, Chloe Bertschi, sax, I District, II State, Percussion Ensemble

See FINE ARTS, Page 14
(Matt Sewell, Navar Hren, Dakota Armstrong, Brian Worrell) I District, II State; Matt Sewell, Marimba, I District, I State.
Earning II ratings at districts were: Jonathan Howren, trumpet; Chelsea Edmondson, baritone; Tony Edmondson, trumpet; Dakota Armstrong, snare; Trumpet Trio (Curtis Jenkins, Landon LeMaster, Christian Coffman), Brass Ensemble (tony Edmondson, Neal Moon, Caitlyn Davis, Audrey Kerr, Scott McAfee, Jesse Hanlin); Flute Trio, (Rachel Daw, Kara Cook, Melissa Jerez); Trumpet Trio (Tara Sutterfield, Alyssa Hunziker, Jonathan Howren).
Also earning II ratings were: Emylee Redding, trumpet;Josh Baumgartner, tenor sax; Ethan Hogan, bari sax; Curtis Jenkins, trumpet, percussion ensemble (Matt Davis, Logan Ensminger, Anna Bertschi, Matt Harper, Britni Bertelli); Clarinet Trio (Alicia Fountain, Katarina Cannon, Jillian Wilson).
Earning III ratings at district contest were: Andrea Sturm, clarinet; Brass Ensemble (Seth Stump, Ethan Paben, Cadence Kirchner, Michael Walker, Eddie Coffman); Woodwind Trio (Taylor Overhulser, Hailey Webster, Kailynn Yates); Sax Trio (Brooke Wheeler, Tyler Gates, Tiffany Shaffer); Matt Davis, snare; Alicia Fountain, clarinet; Brittany Malone, clarinet; Clarinet Quartet (Brittany Malone, Latisha Bourgeois, Andrea Sturm, Jillian Wilson).