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The Battle’s Over

 The Battle’s Over
Wyaconda C-1 School To Dissolve

By Mike Scott

“It was a pretty cut and dried decision,” said Wyaconda C-1 School Administrator Karla Matlock. “It was a done deal before we got there.”
The State Board of Education voted Thursday, April 24, to dissolve the Wyaconda C-1 School District and assign its students to neighboring districts. Wyaconda is the first school district in Missouri to be closed as a result of poor academic performance.
The board approved the assignment of the territory of Wyaconda that is in Clark County to Clark County R-1 School at Kahoka. The section of the district in Scotland County has been assigned to Gorin R-III
The changes will take effect July 1. The district’s assets will be divided between Gorin and CCR-1, although how that will happen is not clear at this time.
For its part, Clark County R-1 is taking steps to welcome its new students.
“We want to reach out to them,” said CCR-1 Superintendent Ritchie Kracht, “and do everything we can to make a smooth transition.”
Kracht hopes to have Wyaconda students spend some time at Black Hawk and the Middle School this spring, so they can begin to feel at home. He also wants to find a time for parents to visit with the staff.
Class sizes at CCR-1 will remain small, and transportation shouldn’t be difficult as CCR-1 currently has bus routes to Wyaconda.
“I really feel these students will be successful here,” Kracht added. We have an excellent group of teachers, and we’ll be prepared.”