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HWY 61 Reopens at Alexandria

HANNIBAL– MoDOT opened Route 61 in Alexandria, MO at 2 p.m. today, Wednesday, May 7. Crews anticipated opening the road early Thursday, however the water receded sooner than expected. Route 61 at Alexandria has been closed since May 1.

“We opened the road sooner than anticipated because the shoulders were in good condition and damage was minimal due to the flooding,” said MoDOT Maintenance Superintendent Randy Shubert. “We hope the heavy rains north of the area yesterday will not cause any further road closures at Alexandria,” added Shubert.

The following roads remain closed in the area:

Route 79/Third Street in Louisiana (near south end of town)

Route 79 about one mile south of Clarksville

Business Route 61 (Route B) just north of Canton at the floodgates.

MoDOT will continue to provide updates as flood waters recede throughout NE Missouri through this email system and local media. Additional updates can be received by calling MoDOT’s customer service number toll-free at 1-888-275-6636 or visit the Travelers Information Map online at