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CLark County Marching Indians Begin Countdown For Hawaii Trip

By Mike Scott

It’s just a matter of days now. The trip of a lifetime, over a year in the planning, is almost a reality for the members of the Clark County Marching Indian Band. On Thursday morning, June 5, the band members will board three separate flights in St. Louis to make the 4130 mile trip. All should arrive in Hawaii by 4:30 local time. Hawaii time is four hours behind Central time, so noon here is 8:00AM there.
“This has been a huge undertaking for us,” said CCR-1 band director Bob Dooley. “Raising the funds and getting all the logistics done has been a lot of work. We’ve never flown and taken everything on the plane before-we’ve always had our semi. It’s been a learning experience.”
On Saturday, June 7, the band is scheduled to march 92nd Annual King Kamehameha Celebration Floral Parade, filled with colorful floral floats, glamorous Pa`u riders, outstanding marching bands.
The band will perform its parade standards “Flight of the Condor” and “Patriots on Parade.”
On Monday, June 9, the band will perform a concert aboard the USS Missouri in Pearl Harbor. Songs will include “His Honor”, “December 7, 1941”, “Armed Forces:Pride of America” and others.
“This will mean a lot to the kids,” Dooley said. “The kids really listened at the Veterans’ Tribute back in December. A lot of that will come back to them.”
Band members will have the chance to tour the battleship Missouri, and the nearby Arizona Memorial. They will also have time to enjoy the beach.
The band will return to Kahoka on the evening of Wednesday, June 11.