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LEPC Discusses National Incident Training

By Kevin Fox

The Clark County LEPC (Local Emergency Planning Committee) met in its regular bi-monthly meeting at the Kahoka Fire Station on Thursday, May 22. After the approval of the March 20th minutes the main topic of discussion as well as action was the required NIMS (National Incident Management System) training for 2008.
In old business Evelena Sutterfield, presented an update on the Identification/ Credentialing Project for Adair, Clark, Schuyler, and Scotland counties. The project surrounded the making of photo ID badges for emergency personnel that also list things such as specialties like paramedic, RN, Fire Chief, fire fighter, etc. along with personal information. The cost of the ID badges will be $2.00 a piece and it was felt that two badges should be made. One ID badge for the individual to have and the other to be on file at their headquarters, be it the fire station or if they are part of the ambulance crew then at the ambulance garage. Many of the local emergency personnel who responded to the tornado in Canton had two such badges and turned one in at incident command and wore the second. Because of this incident command knew who was on the scene as well as if someone was lost or unable to respond, Incident Command would know whom they had on the scene and whom they were missing, as well as personal information. LEPC will fund the purchase of up to two ID badges for those needing them.
A discussion was held concerning the NIMS 100 & 200 training class held on May 3rd and 4th. Those attending stated that they were very good classes and that Henry Gunsauls of LaGrange put the training on. Although, he had not asked for reimbursement LEPC will pay him for mileage and time with the total being $232.00
Jesse Rye reported on compliance required for 2008. The NIMS Integration Center guidance for FY 2008 stipulates that Emergency Responders that need ICS -300 shall have it in place by September 30, 2008. For FY 2009, those Emergency Responders who need ICS – 400 will need to have it in place by September 30, 2009. In Missouri, the State Emergency Management Agency has asked that any responder who needs either ICS – 300 or 400, to try and complete it in FY 2008 while funding is available.
Evelena Sutterfield contacted Ron Stewart, Emergency Preparedness Planner with the Adair County Health Department, and he has agreed to teach the courses as soon as a date can be reached, which is the most convenient for all involved.
In the final discussion on the evening the Tabletop Exercise slated for Tuesday, May 27th was presented. The purpose of this exercise is to assist the Clark County Health Department to be better prepared for disasters involving public health emergencies. Although the exercise’s primary focus will be the ability as community service providers to prepare, respond and recover from a disaster impacting those we serve.
Those attending were to have their reservations made by Friday, May 23.