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Flood Waters On The Rise

Updated 7:00PM Thursday 

“We’re waiting on time, water and nature,” Homeland Security Dave Garrsion said at an emergency planning meeting Thursday evening.  Representatives of the City of Alexandria, Clark County Health Department, Mississippi Des Moines Levy District, the American Red Cross and other organizations met at Alexandria’s Community Center.  Also in attendance was 18th District Senator Wes Shoemyer.

“We anticipate an evacuation, but hopefully it won’t come to that,’ Garrison said.  In the event an evacuation is needed, the city will sound the siren, and fire department volunteers will go door-to-door.  Sheriff’s deputies will be the last resort-strongly encouraging residents to leave.

“The main event won’t be until Wednesday or Thursday of next week,” John Winkleman of the Levy District said.

Help Needed

“We need volunteers to fill sandbags” Mayor Bob Davis said.  COme to the Community Center for instructions on where to go.

Volunteers are also encouraged to get a tetanus shot, which the Health Department will provide.

Praise for other agencies

Mayor Davis praised other agencies for their support, including the Clark County commissioners for lending equipment, and the levy district for providing whatever assistance they can.

Flood Waters On The Rise

“We’re adding four feet of sand to the top of the levies,” Alexandria Mayor Bob Davis said Thursday afternoon.  “We hope that’s enough.”

Water poured across Hwy. 61, causing MoDOT to close the highway, and forcing drivers to detour up Hwy. 27 into Iowa to reach Keokuk.

The river stage at Keokuk was at 17.75 feet Thursday afternoon.  It is forcast to crest over 25.4 feet next Wednesday or Thursday.  The 1993 crest was 27.58 feet.  The 1973 crest was 23.5 feet.

“We have a lot of volunteers working out here,” Davis said.  “And the community is really supporting them.” 

Davis thanked several organziations for providing food for volunteers, including the Purple Cow, Menonite women, Community Center, the Salvation Army, the Red Cross and the people of Alexandria.

“I’ll be here until it’s over,” Davis said.  “If people ask me whether they should leave, I tell them to make their own decision about that.”

Updates will be added as they are available.