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July Land Transfers

Land Transfers

Land Transfers
The Clark County Circuit Clerk and Recorder’s office reports the following land transfers for the month of July.
Thomas A. Stevens to John T. and Dorothy M. Morrison lot 4 and part of lot 5 in McDermott’s Addition, Wayland, MO.
Delmar Doug Florea and Teresa Lea to Delmar Doug Florea 40 acres in 29-64-8.
Doris Hines et al. to Alice Tracie Orton land in 10-65-9.
Denise A. Bolin to Thomas C. and Maria C. Hornstein lot 557 in Lake of the Oaks Sub.
John Robert Ayer to John Robert and Nancy Lynn Ayer 2 tracts in Clark County.
Brenda L. Christner to Ronald E. Christner lots 4, 5 and part of lots 6, 7 in block 28 of Wayland’s Addition to St. Francisville.
Katharine I. Sills et al. to Steve M. and Misty A. Wardlow land in 19-66-7.
Walter J. Gayman to Patsy Rather land in 4-64-6.
Keith Phillips et al. to Brent E. and Calesse J. McKinney lot 35 in Northwest Estates Sub.
Beverly J. Gerken to Wayne Purchase part of block 25 in Johnson’s Addition Kahoka.
Ronald E. Fisk Estate, et al. to Jeanette Rardon lots 180, 181 in Lake of the Oaks Sub.
Frank H. Sanders, et al. to Jeffery H. and Libby S. Edlen land in 3, 4-64-7.
Frank H. Sanders, et al. to Rick L. and Lesia R. Hunziker land in 3, 4-64-7.
Katharine I. Sills, et al. to Curley Family Farms III, LLC part of SW ¼ of 19-66-7.
Bernadine Kerner to Boyd E. and Patty J. Woods, part of lot 5 and all lot 6 block 2 Schermerhorns Addition Kahoka.
Ronald E. Christner, et al. to Kathryn A. and Randy L. Alvis interest land in 5-65-6.
Brian P. Jenkins and Christy L. Zylstra to Brian P. Jenkins 40 acres in 13-67-9.
DeWayne L. Shaffer to Albert Ewalt, et al. lot 14 in block 6 of Johnson’s Addition Kahoka.
City of Kahoka to Johnny and Ruby Shoup spaces 3, 4 in lot 283 of Montgomery Shepherd 2nd Addition, Kahoka Cemetery.
Michael Edward and Kathy Ann Harrison to John Franklin and LaDonna Kay Parker land in 8-65-8.
Frank H. Sanders, et al. to Franklin M. Winters et al. land in 3, 4-64-7.
Stachia S. Wiegand to Herbert and Willa Doty 2 tracts in Kahoka.
Lawrence F. Heimer to Lawrence Ray Heimer land in 17-65-9.
Kent R. and Marilyn Martin to R & K Martin, Inc. tract in NW ¼ of SE ¼ 20-65-7.
Boyd E. and Patty J. Woods to Matthew E. and Danielle D. Ottinger tract in 17-66-8.
J.R. and Nora Smith to Brandon and Athena Duncan part of lot 8 and all of lot 9 block 6 in O.T. of Kahoka.
Kevin R. and Katherine J. Small to Dean A. and Melinda D. McDonald land in 8, 17-65-9.
Derek C. Ray to Derek C. Ray et al. several lots in Wyaconda.
Natasha Rainbolt and Gregory J. Trame to Brandon Rainbolt ½ interest in land in 15-65-7 and lots in Medill.
Anthony P. and Virlena Dawn Johnson to Timothy and Brooke Bertram lot 7 in block 14 in O.T. of Kahoka.
Keith D. and Teresa C. Worrell to Shirley M. Gallaher part of lot 1 in Washburn’s Addition Kahoka.