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CCR-1 Extends Semester, Plans Make-Up Days

CCR-1 Extends Semester, Plans Make-Up Days

Submitted by
CCR-1 Superintendent Ritchie Kracht

Clark County R-1 School District will be extending the first semester of school due to weather related cancellations. The first semester will end on January 9 rather than December 19. Students will finish up all work scheduled for the last week of December and take semester finals during the first week of January. Attendance during the first week of January will count towards the first semester attendance for the attendance policies.

Clark County R-1 has missed four days of school. The first day was due to a gas leak at the high school in September and the last three were weather related last week. The district schedules 175 days of school and is required to attend 174 days. Schools are also required to attend 1044 hours each year or face a financial penalty. We schedule extra time each day to account for a few early outs but if we have many more early dismissals, we may need to extend the school day to meet the hour requirement. Another fact is that school must be in session for at least three hours to count as a day towards the 174 day minimum. The day missed due to the gas line leak does not need to be made up because of our extra day scheduled. The three days missed last week will be made up on January 19, April 9, and May 20. Any additional days missed will be made up starting on May 21. The Friday and Monday around Easter are protected days and will not be used for make up days.

The Missouri Department of Transportation has made changes at the state level in dealing with snow and ice removal. These changes on how and when the roads are cleared will probably cause us to miss school on days we would not have missed in the past.