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Kahoka Council Asked To Work With Businesses Near Annexation Area On Liquor Licenses

 Kahoka Council Asked To Work With Businesses Near Annexation Area On Liquor Licenses

By Mike Scott

Two establishments next to the Kahoka’s newly-annexed Jackson Street area might consider annexing into the city, if the city would work with them on the cost of their liquor licenses. Representatives of the VFW and Kahoka Bowl were in attendance at the Monday, January 12 meeting of the Kahoka Board of Alderman. They said they would like to annex into the city, but the license costs would be prohibitive.

If they annexed in, the city would receive sales tax revenue, as well as water and sewer revenue.

The council took no action on the issue, but will consider it in the future.
The board awarded bid for two items relating to the sewer lift station near the high school. The first bid was for new piping in the lift station, to replace the pipe originally installed, which as corroded. A bid of $2659 was awarded to Keokuk Contractors to replace the galvanized pipe with stainless steel.

“The big issue here is that it will require shutting down the school for a day,” said Mayor Pro-Tem Jerry Webber. The council is looking for a date that the school is not in session, or as an early release, so as not to interfere.

In a related manner, the board awarded a bid to repair one of the two lift station pumps to Pollution Control Systems in the amount of $1687.

In other business, the board:
–Appointed Jerry Webber to temporarily take Mayor Butler’s place on the Northeast Regional Planning Commission.
–Approved revisions to the Cemetery Mowing bid specifications, and agreed to advertise to solicit bids.
–Approved an engineering fee of $7650 for French-Reneker for the 2009 Waterline Replacement Project, which will replace 13-15 blocks.
–Approved the hiring of Gary Cochenour as a police officer, and the promotion of David Cannon to Chief Deputy.
–A moment of silence was held in honor of Mayor Herb Butler.