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It’s Your Money. . . Clark Co. Approves $4.1 Million Dollar Budget

 It’s Your Money. . .Clark Co. Approves $4.1 Million Dollar Budget

By Mike Scott

Clark County spent three-quarters of a million dollars less than they budgeted in 2008. According to figures released as part of the 2009 budget, the county’s total expenditures in 2008 equaled $3,517,531.31 out of a $4.27 million dollar budget.

This year, the Clark County Commissioners have approved a trimmed $4.1 million dollar expense budget for 2009. At the Monday, January 26 public hearing, the commissioners approved the budget with expects the county to spend $4,119,580.43 in 2009, while total revenues are projected to be $4,122,288.30, giving the county a surplus of $2707.87.
The 2009 budget shows a 14.61 percent increase over 2008 actual expenses.

The county’s general revenue fund started 2009 with $168,374.52 cash available, and expects to receive $819,957.41 in revenue from taxes and fees, for a total of $988,331.93.
The general revenue budget includes a variety of expenses, included salary, benefits and office expenses for the county offices, as well as maintenance of the buildings and grounds. This year, it also includes a $200,000 transfer to the Jail Operations/Law Enforcement fund, for a total of $988,331,93, balancing the general revenue budget.
The largest segment of the total budget is the Special Road and Bridge fund, which began 2009 with $86,953.90 in available cash. 2009 revenues are expected to be $1,593,125.00, giving a total of $1,680,078.90.

Road and bridge expenses include the salaries and benefits for employees, supplies, and road material such as rock and concrete. This year’s budget included $50,000 for capital purchases, and $450,000 for a bridge project. This fund’s total expenses also balance with expected revenues.

The Assessment Fund started 2009 with a balance of $10,751.98, and expects revenues of $134,950 this year, for a total budget of $145,701.98. This fund’s expenses include salary, benefits and office expenses for the Assessor’s office.. Total expenses are $143,975.92.

The Prosecuting Attorney Retirement fund projects $2244 in revenue, and the same in expense.

The Law Enforcement Training Fund started the year with $38.55. 2009 revenues are budgeted to be $3000. Total expenses will be $3038.55.

The budget for the Prosecuting Attorney Training fund is balanced at $1200.00. The Prosecuting Attorney Bad Check Fund started the year with $3670.26, and will see $6569.74 in income. The budget will balance after $10,240 in appropriations.

The county’s ½ Cent Sales Tax For Road and Bridge started 2009 with a balance of $447.33. The county expects $260,000 in revenue, and budgeted to spend $260,447.33.
The Community Service Fund started 2009 with $21,561.22 in cash available, and estimates $20,100 income. Total expenses of $41,661.22 will balance this fund.
The Recorder Automatic Fund had $2,497.04 cash available to start 2009, and expects $2200 in revenue. Total expenses of $4697.04 will balance this fund.

The county’s ½ Cent Sales Tax Building Fund starts 2009 with $805.13, and expects $20 in revenues, for total approved expenses of $825.13.

The Jail Operations/Law Enforcement fund started 2009 with a negative balance of $12,399.75. Total revenues, including the $200,000 transfer from General Revenue, are budgeted to be $707,621, up 9.76 percent from the 2008 actual expenses. Expenses for this fund include salary and benefits for the sheriff’s department and jail operation, office and utility expenses and vehicle expenses.

The Community Development Block Grant fund is budgeted to spend all of its $80,823.63 in grant revenue.

The Civil Process Fund had $428.24 to begin 2009, and will receive $6071.76 in revenue. After spending its appropriation of $6500, the fund will be balanced.
Clark County’s Youth Fund started the year with $9474.68, and expects to receive $27,000 in revenue, which it expects to spend.

The Election Service fund started 2009 with $4682.40, and will receive $1988 in revenue, for a total of $6,670.40, which it will spend on training and miscellaneous items.
The Domestic Violence Against Women fund started the year with a negative balance of
$1,359.21, because it it receives grant reimbursement. This year it expects to receive $45,988.40 in grant funds. The fund will be balanced after spending its $44.629.19 in appropriations, which includes salary, benefits and transportation expenses.

The Domestic Violence Fund started 2009 with $11208.96 on hand, and will receive $2800 in fees this year. Total expenses of $14008.96 will balance the fund.
The Local Emergency Planning Commission had $9679.85 to start 2009. They will receive $3000 revenue, and are budgeted to spend $12,679.85 on training, communications, and other expenses.

The Peace Officer Training Fund started the year with $1,149.61, and will receive $1850.39 in revenues. The fund is budgeted to spend $3500, which will put it in balance.

The Recorder Fund will start 2009 with $3582.28 in cash, and receive an additional $3715 in revenue. Its 2009 budget appropriation is $7297.28 for equipment.

The county’s Tax Surplus Fund started 2009 with $13,149.04, and is expecting to receive $600 in revenue. $13,749.04 has been appropriated for miscellaneous items.

The Law Enforcement (Canine) fund had $2981.81 in available cash to start the year. There are no revenues expected, and $2000 expenses budgeted.

The Help America Vote Act fund had a zero balance to start 2009, and has budget to receive and spend $5000.

The Law Enforcement Restitution Fund began 2009 with $9167.50 cash. It should receive $11,000 revenue, and the appropriation for 2009 is $20,167.50.

The Sheriff’s Revolving Fund started the year with $1270, and expects $700 in income from Conceal and Carry permits. Its expenses are budgeted at $1970.

Clark County’s Election Equipment Fund had $7073.30 to start the year. It is budgeted to receive $4375 in income, spend $11,448.63 on repairs and maintenance.

The Commissioners have budgeted $18000 in the Courthouse Restoration Fund. Income will come from a Department of Natural Resources grant, and expenses will go towards repairs and maintenance.

The Inmate Security Fund will receive $3200 from court fees, and will spend the money on miscellaneous items, according to the budget.