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CCR-1 Board Prepares For Worst-Case Financial Scenario

 CCR-1 Board Prepares For Worst-Case Financial Scenario

By Mike Scott

“We’ve been told we could lose anywhere from five to twenty five percent of our state funding next year,” Superintendent Ritchie Kracht told members of the Clark County R-1 School Board in their meeting Thursday night.

“We get about three million dollars in state aid, and if we lose, say, fifteen percent, that’s $450,000. There’s no way that won’t impact the kids,” Kracht said.

Although Governor Jay Nixon has promised to fully fund the state’s foundation formula, other areas of funding, such as transportation and classroom trust funds from gambling are expected to be reduced.

“We are greatly concerned,” said Kracht. “There are a lot of unknowns.”
Adding to those unknowns is the federal stimulus package, which may bring money into the state of Missouri.

“There could be a lot of money in the federal stimulus that could help us,” Kracht said.
“It’s going to be an ugly mess down there,’ he said, referring to Jefferson City, “because everyone will want a piece of the money. It’s kind of scary.”

“We have to plan for a worst case scenario, and then hope it’s not as bad. That way, if we find out in April or May how much we’re being cut, we’ve had a couple months to plan,” he said.

As a precautionary measure, the board approved Kracht’s request to cancel the order to purchase two school busses this year, saving the district approximately $140,000. The district’s bus fleet is currently in good shape, and is very well maintained.

“I’d rather have older busses than 28 kids in a classroom,” Kracht said.