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How Many Are Too Many? Kahoka Council To Reveiw Dog Ordinance Ideas at Public Meeting

How Many Are Too Many?
Kahoka Council To Reveiw Dog Ordinance Ideas at Public Meeting

By Mike Scott

“We have a  lot of people with dogs, and just a few that don’t take care of them” Kahoka Mayor Wayne Blum said, describing the problem that the city has been wrestling with for some time.  “There are a few people who have quite a number of dogs and are not cleaning up properly, and the odor is causing problems.  Their neighbors are being denied the rightful use of their property because of the smell.”
Kahoka current dog ordinance was recently rule vague and unenforceable by Judge Gary Dial, sending the city back to the drawing board.
Blum has looked to other agencies for help.  The Missouri Department of Agriculture requires that anyone with three intact females have a breeder’s license, but cannot enforce that unless Kahoka’s ordinance also includes that requirement.  The Clark County Health Department has told Blum they have no authority in the matter.
“We have two licensed kennels in Kahoka, and have never had a complaint on either one,” Blum said.
“We’re going to have a public meeting,” said Blum.  “We want  to get the public’s input on what the public would like our ordinance to be.”  A meeting date has not been finalized at this time, however, the council would like to address the matter in June.
Blum has gotten copies of ordinances from several other communities to review, but has not found a ordinance that would be a perfect fit for Kahoka.
Blum favors ordinance language that would limit the number of animals a Kahoka resident could have, require vaccinations from a veterinarian, require a minimum square footage per dog, and which adds the state’s standard that three intact females require a breeder’s license.
“Somehow, we’ve got to correct the problem,” Blum said.