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Kahoka Police Warn of Another Scam

Kahoka Police Warn of Another Scam

Kahoka Police Chief Bill Conger is warning local residents
to be on the lookout for a reoccurring scam, targeting the elderly.

“They will call you and say you’ve won a vacation, or a car,
or money, or any combination of those things. 
Then they are asking you to wire them $299 to collect the prize,” Conger

An unsuspecting Kahoka victim sent her $299 before
contacting the police.  She had been harassed
up to 12 times a day by the callers before she sent the money.

By the time Conger contacted Western Union, the money was
already in Jamaica.

“Before anyone sends any money, contact law enforcement,”
Conger encouraged.  “And never give out
any personal information over the telephone.”

To report any questionable calls, contact the Kahoka Police
Department at 660-727-2911.