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Animal Ordinace Concerns Expressed In Public Meeting

Animal Ordinance Concerns Expressed In Public Meeting

“We’re here this evening to accept public questions or comments,” said Kahoka Mayor Wayne Blum as he opened Monday night’s public hearing on the city’s proposed animal ordinances.
“We have a few people who have brought this whole thing on.”
Comments and questions from the public included specific questions about  distances from neighboring houses required for kennel owners, whether or not both a dog license per animal and a kennel license would be required, and whether or not the city is infringing on person rights by limiting the number of animals that can be maintained in a private home.
The council agreed to make some revisions to the proposal and make copies available to the public prior to its October meeting, when it is expected to take action on the ordinance.
The council took action in selecting an engineer for the MoDOT Downtown Enhancement Grant project.  Mayor Blum and Jim Sherwood rated seven engineering firms.  The top three firms, in order, were Pepping, Stone, Bach and Associates of Hannibal, Meco Engineering of Hannibal, and Shafer, Kline and Warren of Macon.  The city will negotiate for engineering services with the top firm, and if they cannot reach an agreement, will move on to the next on the list..
The council also heard a proposal from Bob Harbour Consulting, who met with Kahoka, Hannibal, Centralia and Marceline to discuss collectively seeking a wholesale electric contract when the city’s current contract expired at the end of 2011.  The council will review his proposal.
In other business, the council:
–Approved a Disability Employment Awareness Month Proclamation presented by Jill Erlandson of the Dept. of Mental Health.
–Coordinated Old Settlers needs with Chamber president Bev Laffoon.
–Approved a pest control bid for $80 bi-monthly from Innovative Home Solutions to treat all city buildings.
–Tabled a proposal to purchase a bucket truck for the electric department.
–Discussed how the city could assist the Health Department, which receive a grant to install some sidewalks near Black Hawk Elementary.
–Discussed removing meters after electrical shut offs.
Public comments included the need for a Children at play sign on E. Thompson, the oost of police reports, and the hours of police patrol.