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Kahoka Council Clarifies Late Fee Policy

Kahoka Council Clarifies Late Fee Policy

By Sue Scott

The Kahoka Board of Aldermen meet Monday, February 8 for
their regular February meeting.  Topping
the agenda was a review of the city’s utility payment policy.

A local utility customer questioned a penalty added to his
bill. The due date fell on the weekend and he felt that he should be able to
pay the following Monday with out a penalty.

Councilman Mack asked the council to consider a grace

“Aren’t we better off getting the payment in full one day
late than all those people who get away with being two or three months behind?”
asked Mack. “I think it would show good will to our customers to have a grace

“The customers who are behind do pay late penalties,” stated
Mayor Wayne Blum, “And they pay the reconnect fee if they are disconnected.”

“The phone companies and other utility companies don’t have
grace periods,” said Councilman Jeff Woods. 
“If your payment is not posted by the due date you pay a penalty.”

“If we allow the grace period, at some point someone will
come in two days late and say they are only one day late from the grace period
and they shouldn’t have to pay.  One,
two, three, four days, where will it stop?” asked Councilman Larry Young.

“We have two drop boxes for people to use,” said Young. “Any
payment in the drop boxes on Monday morning is not considered late.”

The council voted that all utility payments are due by
8:00AM on the 11th of the month, or by 8:00AM Monday morning if the 10th falls
on a weekend.  Bills that have been
mailed will not be considered late if they are postmarked on or before the

Mayor Blum reported on the information and cost estimates of
uniforms for city workers that he had compiled for the board.  There have been some problems and complaints
with the services provided by the current company under contract with the
city.  After a discussion of the current
problems and costs the council decided to make some changes to improve service
and continue with the Aramark Company for now. 
There will now be one pick up and drop off site for the uniforms to
better monitor the inventory and quality of the cleaning of the uniforms. They
will continue to use Aramark’s rug service.

The council also reviewed the bids for the water line
supplies.  They voted unanimously to
award the bid to the low bidder, Water Products Inc.

Liberty National Insurance Company addresses the board
presenting their supplemental policies and asked for permission to speak to the
city employees about their services. 
The council gave permission and will set a date for a company
representative to speak with employees.  

In other action, the council

–Agree to send notices to three individuals informing them
that their building permit has expired

–The city will remove a tree on city property in front of
Larry Carlin’s home

–Fire hydrants will be installed on the north end of
Johnson street when the weather permits

–The city will pay a portion of Scott Goben’s November cell
phone bill. He had used it for city business. 

–Ads will be placed for cemetery mowing bids

The street department will be repaving some streets this

The power department is currently reviewing power supply
contract proposals for the 2012-2014 years

–A discussion was held on the possibility of the city doing
it’s own digging for the water project construction.