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Kahoka Announces 2010 Street Paving List, Sets Employee Wages

By Mike Scott

Kahoka Aldermen had a busy agenda during the Monday, April 12 meeting.  Topping the evening’s agenda was the installation of re-elected Alderman Curtis Mack and Larry Young, followed by a special recognition award for Kahoka Police Officer Shawn Webster and Volunteer Firefighter Bob Coulter.  Both men are credited with saving a life in a March 4 fire in Kahoka.
The council approved the 2010-11 wage ordinance, setting wages for city employees.  They are:
City Attorney Rick Roberts-$1500 per month
Fire Chief Lary Fountain-$200 per month
Cemetery sexton John Hume-$2700 per year
Animal Control-$7.50 per hour plus $5 per animal captured
City Pool Manager-$3800 per season
Asst. Pool Manager-$7.25/hr
Certified Lifeguard-$7.25/hr

Street Department
Laborer-Kirk Huckey-$10 /hr
Street Supervisor Ron Bourgeois-$11.25 /hr
Water and Sewer
Water Generation Supervisor Kevin Eagle-$11.60/hr
Water/Sewer Supervisor Kevin Yates-$13.80/hr
David Edmondson-$13.05/hr
Jena Church-$9.10/hr
Jim Alderton-$10.40/hr   effective anniversary date
Electric Generation Supervisor John Williams-$14.55/hr
George LeMaster-$11.20 /hr
Chris Plant-$11.20/hr
Lineman Helper-$16/hr
Systems Technician and Journeyman Lineman Second Stage-$30.215/hr
Journey Line Worker-$34.66/hr
System Technician-$30.85/hr
Cable Supervisor Scott Goben-$12.90/hr
City Assistant
Jim Sherwood-$11.80/hr
City Clerk-$24,960 per year, plus $50 per council and KCDI meeting
City Treasurer-$$17,355 per year
City Collector-$3600 per year
Police Department
Chief Bill?Conger-$28,392/yr

Chief Deputy-$25,122/yr
FT Police Officer-$24,028/yr
PT Police Officer$9.25/hr, $9.50/hr after 90 days
In addition, city employeesare authorized vaction time, sick leave, 457 retirement plan, medical and dental insurance and family pool passes.  Police officers also receive a uniform allowance.
The ordinance passed on a 3-1 vote, with Alderman Wood voting nay.
The council heard a request from the Clark County Smokebusters, represented by Deanna Shoup, Logan Ensminger and Matt Harper.  They requested that the city create a tobacco free policy for all city parks. The group has a Missouri Foundation for Health grant which could help the city with expenses for signs and advertising.
“We want you to find out what’s right for our city and consider our request,” Matt Harper asked.
Aldermen Jeff Wood presented the 2010  proposed street paving list.  Planned for this year is:
N. Montgomery form E. Commercial to E. Maple
Alley between 300 Block S. Johnon and S. Morgan
N. Lincoln from E. Union to Clark Street.
W. Court from N. Morgan to N. Jefferson
W. College from N Jefferson to Eichorn
E. Elm from N Johnson to N. Walnut
Four Way Stop at Johnson and Main
In other business, the council:
–Heard an employee health insurance proposal for Brent Barnhill.  Costs are projected to increase 29% with current carrier.  He recommended chaning carriers.
–Valerie Brown told the council a Safe Schools Sidewalk Grant was applied for.  The grant could provide $300,000 over three years for sidewalk improvements near the schools.
–The council rejected all bank deposit bids and will lookfor ways to increase the return on the approximately $2.8 million in the bank, as well as limit the city’s exposure.
–Agreed to terminate the city’s contract with ARAMARK for uniforms and rugs.
–Discussed a flashing light at the 4-way stop at Main and Johnson.
–Approved several bid purchases, including yard mats to prevent electric and cable truck from damaging yards, a computer for the city office, electric heating for the street shed,  a hydrostatic test pump, and a composite tester for the water and sewer department
–Formally approved the 2010-11 city budget adopted last month.
–Discussed the water line crossing the Fox River near Wayland.  The grant application was denied, and the city does not qualify for a CDBG grant because of the low water rates charged by Kahoka.
–Alderman Jeff Wood discussed the Clark County Historical Society.  He noted that the name had not changed since its founding.  The city has to provide space and upkeep for for the group as required by Paul Rowe’s will.
Wood, who is a member of the CCHS Board, said that the organization has the right to accept or refuse any member.
“How can they deny access to anyone when taxpayer money provides the upkeep?” asked Alderman Curtis Mack.
“We’re not refusing service, but is someone has been detrimental, we can refuse them,” Wood countered.
In Public Comments, Sandy Kleine the amount of drug activity in Kahoka, and reported that there was an explosion on April 1 which scattered hazardous material on her rental property. 
“You can not go down any street without there being drug activity,” she said.
She noted that law enforcement makes arrests, but offenders are quickly released on bond or reduces charges. Kleine asked that the city continue to pressure Clark County Prosecuting Attorney Scott Summers to prosecute offenders.