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A Lot To Get Done In The Next Two Weeks

By Mike Scott

“We have a lot of work to get done in the next couple weeks,” said Clark County R-1 School District Superintendent Ritchie Kracht. “The rooms at the Middle School are still a mess.”
The “mess” is the result of a summer’s worth of updating to the building, which has received all new wiring, lighting and air conditioning to the school’s old wing. In addition, the main entrance is being relocated so students and visitors will enter into the commons, next the office.
Inside, clear plastic hangs in the commons to reduce dust from the entryway construction. Workers from Harper Construction are fininshing the new privately-funded press box at the Activity Field before returning to the entryway project.
In the school’s old wing, boxes and desks line the already narrow hallways, and the classrooms have boxes littered about. Most of the new, higher efficiency lighting is already installed, and boxes new ceiling tiles wait to be installed. The gym floor has been waxed, and new lights have brightened the space.
“We can turn these lights on and off as needed. That will save a lot of electricity. The old ones couldn’t be turned off, because it would take 20 minutes for them to come back on.
Another project slated for the middle school, a new roof, hasn’t started yet because of all the rain.
“That can take place while students are here,” Kracht said, noting that the contract gives the company until October 31 to complete the roofing.
Many of the other big-ticket projects to be funded by the district’s $4 million dollar bond are in the bidding stage. Bids for projects including site drainage at all four buildings, upgrading the high school parking lot, a new bus lane at Black Hawk and a waste water treatment facility at Running Fox, and air conditioning for both elementary schools will all be reviewed at the August 12 school board meeting.
“A lot of work will take place during the fall,” Kracht said. “Hopefully, we’ll get some more competitive bids because it is a slower time for contractors. It might get real interesting for home football games and Parade of Champions if the high school lot is under construction. We’ll work with the contractors as best we can.”
Classes at Clark County R-1 Schools start in just two weeks–on August 18.
“The teachers may spend their first couple days putting their rooms back together,” Kracht said. “But it is such a big improvement for the kids and staff.”