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Clark County Primary Election Results

Clark County Voters Have Their Say

One thousand six hunded and forty eight voters cast their ballots Tuesday, August 3, in the primary elections.  That number put voter turnout at 32. percent.

In the Republican race for Presiding Commissioner, Ron Brewer defeated incumbent Paul Allen 739-404.  Brewer will face Democrat Eddie Knupp and Libertarian candidate Steve Murphy  in the November election.  Knupp received 429 votes, and Murphy received 15.

Michelle Allen narrowly defeated Jill McAfee 578-562 in the Republican race for Collector.  Debbie Winters downed Gretchen Phillips 345-185 on the Democrat ticket.  Allen and Winters will face off for the retiring Twila Harper’s job in November.

Results of local unchallenged primary races were:

Circuit Clerk 7 Ex-Officio Recorder of Deeds
Mary D. Jones (D) 438
Kim Schantz (R) 962

Associate Circuit Judge
H. Scott Summers (D) 344
Rick Roberts (R) 994

Prosecuting Attorney
John Moon (D) 287

County Clerk
Leih Ann Hayden (R) 962

County Treasurer
Roberta McAfee (R) 989

In State Races, Craig Redmon of Lewis County defeated Clark County’s Neill McKee 2025-1524 for the Republican nomination to Missouri’s 1st District House seat.  Redmon will face Democrat Keri Cottrell, who received 421 2934 votes.

Brian Munzlinger received 10850 votes to become the Republican nominee for the Missouri 18th District Senate seat, and incumbent Democrat Wes Shoemyer picked up 13728 votes.

Compete statewide election results can be seen at