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Kahoka City Council Prepares For Sidewalk Project Groundbreaking

Kahoka City Council Prepares For Sidewalk Project Groundbreaking

By Mike Scott

As final preparations for Kahoka’s downtown enhancement
project take shape, a simple question arose at Monday night’s meeting of the
Kahoka Board of Aldermen.

What color are the street light poles going to be?

While the current poles are painted silver, Alderman Curtis
Mack suggested that all the poles be painted black.

“Several other towns have poles that are black or a dark
color, and they look very good,” said Mack.

After discussion, the council voted to have all the light
poles painted black.

Alderman Jerry Webber added that the city would be hosting a
meeting for downtown businesses before the construction project starts. A date remains to be determined.

Mayor Wayne Blum reported that the pump motor on Well #2 at
Wayland had burned out, and needed replaced.
The council approved spending approximately $10,200 to repair the well,
depending what additional parts are needed.

The board also discussed having the existing pump and motor
rebuilt, and kept as a spare. All three
pumps and motors are approximately 20 years old.

The board also approved two bids for replacement valves for
the lagoon and waterline. The low
bidder for the valves that control the level of the water in the lagoon was HD
Supply, at a cost of $5443.60. The low
bid for six air relief valves for the water line was $235.30 each, from Midwest

The board also discussed a recent problem at the cemetery
involving a recent burial. A family
owned lots 4-6 in that section, and in 1949, a family member was buried in lot
four. Recently, another family member
died, and while digging the grave, it was discovered that the 1949 burial had
been in lot six, and city records were not correct.

Compounding the issue was the placement of memorial stones
several years ago. The family has a
single and a double stone, which are now in the wrong places, and they have
asked the city to help with the cost of relocating the stones, since city
records were not correct. The total
cost to move the stones would be about $700.

“If we were at fault, we should do something,” said Alderman
Jerry Webber.

The board instructed Mayor Blum to negotiate an agreement
with the family.

In other business, the board:

-Discussed a complaint against the Kahoka Police Dept.
According to Police Chief Bill Conger Robert Bennett reported that his
prescription medicine had been stolen.
Bennett was not able to get a new prescription until the department
provided a report, which cannot be done until the investigation was concluded.
?Eventually, the doctor and pharmacy accepted a statement and case number from
the department that Bennett had reported the theft, and he was able to get new

-Fire?Chief Lary Fountain reported the department did not
receive two grants.

-The board agreed to get estimates to repair the lawnmower
for the airport.

-The street department has sold over $5000 in scrap
metal. The money will go towards
replacing a police car.

-Alderman Larry Young discussed lights at the ball field.

-Alderman Jeff Wood reported that the cable department can
add Fox Business News, at reducing the cost per subscriber for Fox News. The
board approved adding the channel.

-Approved the purchase of a police department computer.