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Revere Votes For Annexation

Revere Votes For Annexation

By Mike Scott

Revere voters have spoken, and the result is that Revere’s
once-thriving school will annex into the Clark County R-1 District this summer,
pending the acceptance of the CCR-1 School Board.

By a 179-43 margin, with 57 percent of eligible voters
casting their ballots, the decision was made during the Tuesday, April 3

If accepted, the CCR-1 District will gain nearly a quarter
million dollars per year in property tax revenue, based on Revere’s over $7
million dollar assessed valuation and the CCR-1 tax rate. Property owners in the Revere district will
see lower property taxes, since the CCR-1 rate of $3.50 per $100 assessed
valuation is much lower than Revere’s $4.92 tax rate.

The CCR-1 Board will act on the annexation at this week’s board

In other election results, Larry Young and Curtis Mack were
reelected to their current Aldermen positions in Kahoka.

In Revere, Dale Clark beat Linda Whitaker 8-2 for the
mayor’s office. Four Revere Aldermen
were elected, with Ralph Laymon leading
the pack with 20 votes. Dennis King got
six votes, with Bill Lucas getting five votes, and Linda Whitaker getting four
votes. Others getting votes were Misty
Boone-2, Dale Clark-2, and Dennis Bunker-1.

In Alexandria, Ronald Gates defeated Robert Davis for mayor
by a 42-34 margin. Barbara Colwell was
elected Ward 1 Alderman, and Russell Gates Ward 2 Alderman, and Cynthia Colwell
was elected City Clerk.

In Wayland, Tim Severin and Patricia Golliher were elected
as Aldermen. Severin received 47 votes,
with Golliher getting 37. Joni Gorman
got 23 votes, and Sally Fox got 22 votes.

In Luray, three Village Trustees were elected. Robert Smith received 20 votes, with Rodney
Nichols Sr. getting 18, and Vernon Hopp getting 16 votes. Gary Brown received five votes, and Steven
Buium received three votes.

In Wyaconda, Norma Howell was elected East Ward Alderman,
and Tina Townsend was elected West Ward Alderman. Both received eight votes.

Voters in the Clark County R-1 School Districted re-elected
William Schutte and Jason Acklie to the school board. Schutte received 486 votes, and Acklie received 480. Penny Boulware received 280 votes.

In the Clark County Ambulance District 1 race, Steve Howell
defeated Jerry Redding 205-88.

In the Clark County Nursing Home District 2 race, Mike
Frazier defeated Mark Boley 65-32.

Clark County voters also approved continuing the one-half
cent sales tax for improving county roads for another four years.

Countywide, 994 of 4951 eligible voters turned out, a 20.08
percent turnout. By polling place, the
voter turnouts were:

Luray-18.15%, Kahoka-20.65%, Revere-57%, Wayland-19.02%,
Wyaconda-14.33%, and Kahoka Fire Station-$12.81%.