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Sheriff’s Department Investigates Synthetic Drug Sales

Sheriff’s Department Investigates Synthetic Drug Sales

By Mike Scott

On Wednesday, April 4, the Clark County Sheriff’s Office
investigated several recent complaints
of synthetic drugs for sale at the Smokerz Outlet in Alexandria.

“We confronted the owners of Smokerz Outlet on Wednesday
night,” said Sheriff Paul Gaudette.
“They claim that they believe what they are selling is legal.”

To back up their claim, owners Sara Jones and Sheraz Ullah
provided Guadette with lab reports from AI Biotech of Richmond, VA.

The report claims all the ingredients in the tested items
are legal. However, the report also
notes that the Illinois Attorney General’s office does not accept these
results, and that the report is not to be used for commercial purposes.

The owners also provided samples for Gaudette to have

“We’re sending them to the crime lab to be tested for
drugs. I believe the results will show
there are illegal drugs present, and we can get them off the shelf.

Among the items for sale are packages labeled incense or
potpourri, glass cleaner, plant fertilizer, and even shoe deodorizer. Some are powders, while others look like

The incense or potpourri sells for $15 per gram, and the
powders sell for $30 for a half-gram, or $50 for a gram.

“These are prices very comparable to what real drugs sell for,”
Guadette said.

“We know that several drug users are using these products
because they think they are legal, and they think these products won’t show up
on a drug test.” Guadette said.