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Two Federal Search Warrants Executed Near Alexandria

Two federal search warrants were executed Wednesday morning , July 25, near Alexandria, as a convoy of federal, state and county law enforcement vehicles converged on the Smokerz Outlet and US 61 Oil Company (formerly FISCA) station.

Clark County Sheriff Paul Gaudette confirmed that FBI agents, along with the Clark County Sheriff’s Department, Missouri Highway Patrol and North Missouri Drug Task Force were conducting a search warrant.

“This is a result of our ongoing investigation,” Gaudette said.

Smokerz Outlet was previously investigated for selling synthetic drugs, commonly called “bath salts”

On Wednesday, April 4, the Clark County Sheriff’s Office investigated several complaints of synthetic drugs for sale at the Smokerz Outlet in Alexandria. At that time, owners Sara Jones and Sheraz Ullah provided Guadette with lab reports from AI Biotech of Richmond, VA claiming the products were legal for sale.

Samples were taken from the store, and sent to a lab for analysis.

Federal authorities were involved at the request of Guadette.

“It had gotten pretty big, and it was better to get bigger agencies involved to save the cost to the county,” Guadette said.

A federal search warrant was executed Wednesday morning at Smokerz Outlet near Alexandria, and at the US 61 Oil Co. (formerly FISCA) station

On Wednesday afternoon, the Sheriff’s Department issued the following press release:

A Federal search warrant was executed at the Smokerz Outlet in Alexandria, MO on Wednesday July 25th at 1000am.

This was part of an ongoing investigation between the Clark County Sheriff’s Office and the FBI, with assistance from several agencies of the Missouri Highway Patrol, to eliminate the sale of synthetic drugs known as “bath salts and K-2”.

This search warrant was successful and more details will be released at a later date.