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Clark County 4-H Awards

On October 28th, 4-Hers from across Clark County joined together at the Kahoka Christian Church to celebrate their achievements over the last year. 4-H Recognition was hosted by the Ashton Cloverleaf   4-H Club. Beverly Hasner was recognized as the Clark County nominee to the 4-H Hall of Fame for 2012. Ed and Tammy Riney were presented with the Frank Graham Leadership Award for their contributions to the youth of Clark County. Club members were acknowledged for completing the 4-H Year, which requires members to attend a minimum of six club meetings during the year and submit an Achievement Form discussing what they did this year, what they learned and why what they did mattered. Clubs were presented with Club Seals and Community Service Seals for their Club’s achievements during the 2011-2012 4-H Year.

Ashley Kleine received a bell donated by Tammy Riney for exhibiting the winning Table Place Setting at the Clark County Achievement Day held in early July. Emily McAfee was the recipient of a savings bond sponsored by the Clark County 4-H Council for earning the most premium points for exhibits displayed in the Art Hall during the 2012 Clark County Fair. In appreciation of the efforts put forth by those completing the Clark County Achievement Reports or the Missouri State Recognition Forms, the Clark County 4-H Council presented a gold dollar coin to 16 members.

Members were recognized for their achievements in their 4-H projects and received a disc to add to their Clark County 4-H Member Achievement Plaque. Drenda Hess and Morgan Flood received a disc for their Arts and Crafts project. In the Arts and Computers project, Quentin Wells was recognized. Julianna Riney earned a disc for her Bucket Calf project. In the Beef project, Kylie Selway, Drenda Hess, Aaron Day, and Cory Baker were recognized. Katy Ewart was recognized for her Beekeeping and Country Cured Hams projects. Kylie Selway, Ian Riney, Ashley Kleine, and Julianna Riney received discs for their Dog projects. Quentin Wells was recognized for his achievements in the Computers project. Delana Hess received a disc for her Exploring the Treasurers of 4-H project. In the Foods project, Ian Riney was recognized. Members receiving acknowledgment in the Goats project were Ashley Kleine, Emily McAfee, and Aaron Day. Cesilie Barlow received a project recognition disc for Horses. Ashley Kleine and Cesilie Barlow received acknowledgement for their Poultry projects. In the Photography project, Julie Plenge, Morgan Flood and Quentin Wells were recognized.  Julianna Riney, Ashley Kleine, Kylie Selway and Cesilie Barlow were recognized for their Sewing projects. In the Sheep project, Drenda Hess, Delana Hess and Kylie Selway received project discs. Aaron Day and Cory Baker received acknowledgement for their Swine projects. In the Woodworking project, Ian Riney, Morgan Flood, Dereck Hess and Grant Plenge received project discs. In addition to being recognized for their achievement in their 4-H projects, Ian Riney, Ashley Kleine, Kylie Selway, Drenda Hess, Emily McAfee, Quentin Wells and Morgan Flood were also recognized for their achievement in the area of Community Service. In the area of Leadership, Ashley Kleine, Kylie Selway, Emily McAfee and Ian Riney were recognized.

The Hustle Award is presented to one boy and one girl who have been a 4-H member for less than five years and are nominated by their club as members who put forth 110% effort. This year’s Hustle Award recipients were Julianna Riney and Aaron Day. The Anna Mae Shaffer Citizenship Award recognizes  two 4-h members who are at least 12 years of age and have demonstrated their citizenship and leadership skills in 4-H. This year’s recipients of the Anna Mae Shaffer Citizenship award were Kylie Selway and Emily McAfee.

Each year Kahoka State Bank, Exchange Bank of Northeast Missouri and FCE sponsor 4-H Achievement Bonds that are awarded to members as an investment in the youth of Clark County and in recognition of their achievements in 4-H. Quentin Wells received the Kahoka State Bank Achievement Bond. Morgan Flood was the recipient of the Achievement Bond sponsored by Exchange Bank of Northeast Missouri. Ian Riney and Drenda Hess were awarded the Achievement bonds sponsored by FCE.

Emily McAfee was awarded a cookbook sponsored by FCE for exhibiting excellence in the area of foods during the 2012 Clark County Fair. Emily was also awarded the I Dare You Award. The I Dare you award is presented in cooperation with the American Youth Foundation to recognize youth 15-18 years of age who exhibit outstanding leadership skills.

Much of the success of our 4-H members in Clark County can be directly attributed to the Volunteer Leaders that provide our youth with a positive learning experience and guidance. At Sunday’s recognition event, forty-six leaders were acknowledged for their contributions to our 4-H members. Lynette McGrew and Dan Moore were recognized for two years of service. Our third year volunteers were Randy Ewart, David Hess, Clark McGrew, Beth Penfield and Stuart Walker. Coleena Day, Michelle Hess, Sandy Kemper and Sue Scott were recognized for 4 years of service. Our leaders acknowledged for five years of service were Anita Arnold, Kari Bevans, Danelle Brunk, Justin Brunk, Melanie Kelly, Janine Riney, Kim Schantz, Susan Selway, Mandy Shores and Kathryn Wells. Davin Acklie, Josh Justice and Keri Kearns were recognized as six year leaders. Those acknowledged as seventh year leaders were Lesia Hunziker, Leonard Stutz and Stephen Yates. Trudi Baker, James Day, Lynn Kleine and Holly Salyers were recognized as nine year leaders. Laura Gray and Shawn McAfee received acknowledgement for serving ten years as a 4-H Volunteer. Kelli Christy received recognition for eleven years of service. Twelfth year leaders, Pam Oilar and Kathy Williams, were recognized. Donna Flood, Esther Justice and Janet Simpson received acknowledgement for thirteen years of service. Jim Behnke and DeWayne Selway were recognized for their fourteen years of service. Christine Sewell was recognized for her seventeenth year as a 4-H Volunteer, while Marilyn Day received acknowledgement for her twenty years of service. Jack Fry was acknowledged for service as a 4-H Volunteer for twenty-four years. Neva Selway was recognized for thirty-one years as a volunteer leader and Bev Hasner was honored for being a thirty-five year 4-H Volunteer Leader.

4-H Members Logan Arnold, Drenda Hess, Abigail Brown and Blake Plenge were recognized for attending the State 4-H Teen Conference, and Ashley Kleine, Marissa Harris and Megan Harris were acknowledged for attending State 4-H Congress. Also recognized for attending the State 4-H Livestock Judging Contest representing Clark County were Nathan Moore, Drenda Hess, Kylie Selway, Abigail Brown and Dereck Hess. Clark County 4-H members recognized for serving as 4-H Camp counselors this past year were Gracelin McAfee, Ashley Kleine and Ian Riney.

Michelle Hess was honored as the 2012 Outstanding 4-H Leader for her contributions to the Clark County 4-H program. Cory Baker and Emily McAfee were named Outstanding Boy and Girl for exhibiting excellence as a 4-H member for over five years. Emily McAfee also received the honor of being named Outstanding 4-H member, receiving a cash prize sponsored by Miles Cameron of FCS Financial.

The Fox River Clovers 4-H Club was named Club of the Year for 2012. This award is based upon involvement in Council meetings, fundraisers, the Clark County Fair and Community Service projects, just to name a few. Following the presentations, finger foods were shared and 4-H Families visited.

Outstanding 4-H Member--Emily McAfee was named Clark County’s Outstanding 4-H member at the Recognition Ceremony. Complete results will in next week’s edition of The Media.