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CCR-1 Board Selects Trane as HVAC Partner

The Clark County R-1 School board will partner with Trane to replace rooftop HVAC units at the high school, and to address several other needs.
Following a discussion regarding the proposals from CTS, FSG, and Trane in response to the RFP  (Request for Proposals) for comprehensive performance contract for energy conservation and facility improvement projects, the board selected the Trane proposal.
“We looked for the best partner to work with,” said CCR-1 Superintendent Ritchie Kracht.
Leading the list of projects will be the replacement of all the rooftop units at the high school.
“They are now 17  years old, and are original to the building.  The compressors and heat exchangers have had a lot of problems,” said Kracht.
Other work at the high school may include new ducting and controls to improve zoning.
“We can have one room too warm, and one too cold, and they are fighting with each other,” Kracht said.
The district will also look to Trane to come up with a long-term solution to the humidity problem which allowed dangerous levels of mold to grow at both elementary buildings.
“We need to decrease the humidity levels in there.  This summer, we used de-humidifiers, but we’re looking for a permanent fix,” Kracht said.
The district also hopes Trane will find energy savings with new lighting controls.
“We’’ll pick and chose what projects we want to do,” said Kracht.
The total preliminary costs for the projects range from $885,000 to $1.754 million.  The district plans to spend the $900,000 it received from the closure of the Revere school district.
The board heard Social Studies program reports from  Julie Brotherton, Jennifer Riney, and Jan Oilar d regarding fourth grade social studies curriculum at Black Hawk and Running Fox Elementary. Debbie Otte addressed social studies curriculum implementation for the K-2 grades at Black Hawk.
Tara McKee, Josh Roberts, and Isaiah Allen addressed the Board regarding middle school social studies curriculum.
Donna Flood and John Reardon addressed the Board regarding high school level social studies curriculum. High school social studies curriculum includes 20th Century U.S. History; World History; and Government, with electives of College U.S. History I and II, Contemporary Issues, Economics, Geography, Psychology, and Sociology.
In other business, the board:
–Approved a new medication policy requiring parents to bring medicines to the school directly, not sending them with their children.
–Reviewed Clarence Cannon Conference Fall Sportsmanship scores.  CCR-1 has received perfect scores for athletes, cheerleaders, coaches, personnel and spectators.