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Shape Up! Clark County Challenge Kicks Off January 22

Shape Up!  Clark County Challenge Kicks Off January 22
The (Biggest Loser style) challenge will take place January 22 – March 19.  Stop in to register and pick up a copy of the rules.
The program is set up for teams of 2-10 people. So gather your friends, family, co-workers, work-out buddies, or any combination and start making healthier eating and exercise habits that will result in optimal health!  Team mates should support you, encourage you, and push you to reach your health and fitness goals.
Individuals and teams will be ranked according to total % weight loss.  The fee is $5 per person.  100% of this money will be awarded to the winning team.  The amount of this prize will depend on the number of people who participate.  Based on past participation, this could be $1000 or more!  The Top 5 individuals with greatest % of weight loss will also receive a gift certificate to MC Sports.
There will also be weekly nutrition and exercise challenges. The winner of the challenge drawing will receive a $5 Blimpie’s certificate.
Let’s make 2013 a healthy year for Clark County!  For more information contact Haley Davidson, RN at the Clark County Health Department at 727-2356 or