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Kahoka Council Discusses Deadly Dog Attack

By Mike Scott

The Kahoka Board of Aldermen discussed an ongoing dog problem in the northwest part of Kahoka at their Tuesday night, February 12 meeting.
“I feel the city has been negligent in not taking care of the situation,” said Betty Salyers, whose 14-year old poodle was attached and killed on Sunday, February 9.
Salyers alledged that three dogs owned by a neighbor were responsible for the killing.
“They have been ticketed at least four times,” said Kahoka dogcatcher Bill Young.  “I’ve had them all in the pound and one time or another, and if you get the lab cornered, he gets agressive.”
Neighbors  Jeannie Kirchner and Mikie O’Bryant agree there is a problem.
“We call four days out of five.  We can’t take our dog out,” Kirchner said.  “I’m really concerned that next time it will be a kid.”
O’Byrant stated that nobody in the neighborhood checks their mail unless they are carrying a stick.
“Deem it dangerous,” advised city attorney April Wilson, “Impound it, and after seven days it can be euthanized.  Once it’s killed another dog, it can be deemed vicious.”
Editor’s note:  On Wednesday, Mayor Wayne Blum reported the accused dogs had been moved out of the city limits.
In other business, the council:
-Approved an amendment to French-Reneker’s engineering contract for Washington Drive.
-Announced Kahoka did not receive another downtown improvement grant for this year.
-Discussed using Clark County Rural Water as a backup for Kahoka when the
waterline crossing the Fox River near Wayland is relocated.
-Approved the purchase of supplies for Kahoka’s waterline replacement supplies from the low bidder, Midwest Meter, in the amount of $59,043.81.
-Approved a wage ordinance raising Chris Plant’s wages by 25 cents per hour to $13.00 per hour.  Plant recently completed licensing for water testing.
-Agreed to install a meter on the lightpole outside Kahoka State Bank to provide power to their time and temperature sign.
-Discussed a drainage problem at 101 N. Morgan.
-Agreed to send a resolution opposing Missouri Senate Bill 13, which eliminates Solid Waste Management District.  It was noted that Industrial Opportunities in Kahoka receives grants from the area solid waste district.
-Discussed the requirements for brush pickup for contractors removing trees.
-Discussed upcoming electrical generation rules which will require the city to meet new emissions control standards
-Fire Chief Lary Fountain reported problems with the equipment truck.
-Alderman Jerry Webber reported that the estimated cost to replace the Street Shed on Vine Street would be approximately $100,000, plus about $50,000 for cement work.
-Alderman Larry Young brought up the need to clear ditches for drainage in Kahoka.   Alderman Jeff Wood suggested using the $68,000 from the Heinze Trust to get started.  “It would help everyone in town to get Kahoka dried up,” Wood said.