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More Erosion Troubles For Kahoka’s Water Supply

By Mike Scott

Erosion has exposed another section of Kahoka’s water supply line, running from Wayland to Kahoka.
On Thursday, April 25, Kahoka Water Department workers discovered that several feet of the water line were exposed.  They spotted the problem while driving back from Wayland to Kahoka following a regular check on the water generation plant.
According to City Assistant Jim Sherwood, the line had been underground, with a shallow ditch running above it.  It is believed the recent heavy rains and flooding caused the washout, leaving the pipe exposed and vulnerable.
“We’re in the process of coming up with a solution for this,” said Sherwood.  “Something has to be done.”
No repair cost estimate is available at this time, and the water service is not effected at this time.
The city is also in the planning stage of replacing the waterline as it crosses the nearby Fox River.  Erosion and a shifting river course have left several feet of the pipeline exposed in the river channel.  Currently, the pipe is protected by large rocks.
The city plans to replace the line under the river, extending it west, and then replace an additional 1800 feet through the swamp area behind the pond along Hwy. 136 near the Fox River.WATERLINE EXPOSED