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Clark County Circuit Clerk Suspended-UPDATE Jones Resigns

UPATE Friday:

Press release for Judge Gary Dial

Based on a letter received Thursday, July 25, 201, Mary Jones has tendered her resignation from her position as Clark County Circuit Clerk, which has been accepted by Presiding Judge Gary Dial.

The State Audtor’s office will have personnel at the clerk’s office on Monday to begin a formal audit.



Statement from Judge Gary Dial:

“On Wednesday, July 24th, 2013, I was notified by personnel from the Office of State Courts Administrator that they had received an anonymous report concerning  possible financial improprieties in the Clark County Circuit Clerk’s office.  They initiated an investigation into the allegations from Jefferson City.  Based on their recommendations, I notified Circuit Clerk Mary Jones that she was immediately suspended from office pending further investigation.  While the investigation is ongoing, it would be inappropriate to discuss the specific details”

To see the suspension letter, click here.


The second floor Clark County Courthouse is under lockdown Wednesday evening, waiting for the arrival of auditors from the Office of State Court Administrators, which is part of the Missouri Supreme Court.

At 2:57pm on Wednesday, July 24, Clark County Circuit Clerk Mary Jones was administratively suspended, with pay,  pending an investigation.

Associate Circuit Judge Rick Roberts executed the order, which issued by First Judicial Circuit Judge Gary Dial.

Jones was escorted from the building and her office was sealed.  The office clerks  were allowed to continue their work.

“The people’s business will be transacted,” said Roberts.  “Everything continues to function.  We have a full day of court tomorrow.”

Roberts ordered a Kahoka police officer to remain on the second floor of the courthouse on Wednesday night, with orders to arrest anyone who comes on the second floor.

“We took the step of putting the officer there to make sure everything stays in its place,” Roberts said.  “I don’t expect it to be a problem, but we want to make sure every document stays exactly where it was.”

Auditors are expected to arrive Thursday morning, and proceed with an audit of Jones’ records.

“If there is nothing there, the auditors will prove that,” said Roberts.  “But if something is wrong, we have to stop and clean it up.”

Clark County Circuit Clerk Mary Jones

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