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School Board Approves Gym Usage Policy

By Mike Scott


“We have a large demand for gym usage,” CCR-1 Superintendent Dr. Ritchie Kracht said.


A the September school board meeting, the board discussed allowing groups, such as traveling teams, to use the High School gym as well as the Middle School and Elementary Gyms.


At the Thursday, October 10 school board meeting, the board agreed to allow use of the High School gym, along with the others.


“Each group will be able to sign up for one date per week,’ Kracht said.  “If any are left over after November 15, we will have a meeting to try to work out schedules.  If that doesn’t work, we’ll put everyone in a hat a draw for times.”


Groups using the High School gym are more likely to get “bounced” from their time, if school coaches choose to hold additional practices.


“We’ll have to tweak the policy as necessary,” said Kracht.


The board also reviewed its Professional Development Plan.


“Vertical Teams” of subject teachers, such as Math, are meeting to determine curriculum gaps and recommend changes.

“Build Your Own Curriculum” will allow professional development time for teachers to enter their curriculum into the BYOC program, which will eventually be available on the school’s website.

“Curriculum Chairs” have been appointed to work with teachers and vertical teams to improve instruction.

Other professional development activities include Elementary and Title teachers meeting to improve non-fiction reading skills, teachers being trained to use small and large formative assessments to shape their teaching, sharing curriculum and practices among the Clarence Cannon Conference, ongoing eMINTS training at the Middle School and others.


In other business, the board:

-Adjusted Honors Graduate requirements to allow for tests other than the ACT to count for graduation honors.

-Received a report from Mr. Church showing the total number of students involved in each athletic sport.  36.3% of girls and 34.2% of boys in grades 7-12 participated in a fall sport.

For the complete breakdown, visit our website at

–Kracht reported that Average Daily Attendance is up 24.74 from last September.

“We have more kids in class, and its a good thing,” he said.

-The board received a demonstration of a “paperless’ board meeting, in which the board members could access the information online, rather than receive paper packets.  Eventually, members of the public would have access to much of the same information online.

-Reviewed the Transportation Program report.  District buses travel 1343 miles per day, or approximately 233,000 miles per year on routes.  Extracurricular miles are not included in those figures. The complete list is available at

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