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Kahoka Council Passes FY 2015 Budget

Kahoka Council Passes FY 2015 Budget
By Mike Scott

“I think we have a good budget for this year,” said Kahoka Mayor Jerry Webber.  “It was one of the smoothest budget processes I’ve been through.”

On Monday night, March 24, Kahoka’s Board of Aldermen approved the fiscal year 2015 budget for the city.

Kahoka’s annual budget, which begins April 1, projects the city will bring in $4,498,900 in revenues, while spending $4,312,200, giving the city a net income of $186,000.  A summary of the budget can be seen below.

“The Fox River project is the big project for the year,” said Webber.

The project will replace the city’s water supply line as it crosses the Fox River near Wayland, and replace about 1800 feet of pipeline through the swampy area to near Ferguson Hill.  The project is expected to cost $156,100, and will be completed later this year.

The city’s ongoing waterline replacement project is another big ticket item, with $105,000 budgeted.  This is the first year of Phase 2 of the self-funded plan, and will be completed by city employees.

The city will also spend $100,000 on street paving this year, some of which will include part of Main Street.

The city has partnered with Clark County to build a new bridge on North Vine Street, north of the cemetery.  The city will purchase the materials at a cost of about $25,000, and the county will provide the labor for the project.

Other large planned expenses include the purchase of a voltage regulator and circuit switch, both of which are maintena

nce items for the electric distribution system.

The city plans $8500 in repairs at the street shed, and the building of a new building at the street shed facility, which will house the electric department truck.  The new building will cost approximately $35,000

“It’s a pretty expensive truck to be sitting outdoors all year,” Webber said.

Sidewalk replacement will continue this year.

“We plan more sidewalk work for private individuals, and where we’ve damaged sidewalks with waterline work,” Webber said.

The city’s cable system will continue to be improved to better provide internet service to subscribers.

The board will approve the employee wage ordinance at its April meeting.

In other recent business, the board:

-Held a public hearing to provide information about a proposed demolition grant to clean up derelict buildings.  Several residents expressed interest.  Some properties which owners expressed  interest were the Hiller Building and the old hospital building.

-Awarded a tree removal bid to Complete Tree Service in the amount of $2850, to remove seven trees that are too large for city crews to handle.

-Cemetery clean-up will be April 12.

-Missouri DNR inspected the water system. Recommended painting fire hydrant tops by flow rate.

-Accepted a bid for police car tires from Kahoka Motor Company.

-Gave consent to purchase 2-3 trees for Arbor Day planting in the City Park.

To view the budget summary, click the link below: