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CCR-1 School District Pre-School Doubles Number of Students Served

By Mike Scott

The Clark County Early Childhood Center is currently serving 81 students, more that doubling its capacity of 40 in past years.

At Thursday’s meeting of the CCR-1 School Board, members heard the report on the Early Childhood program from Jessica Pitford.

According to the report, by combining Early Childhood with Early Childhood Special Education the state will pay 100% of the cost, allowing the district to serve both regular early childhood and special education students.

“I think it’s a great thing for the district,” said Supt. Dr. Ritchie Kracht.  “Every dollar spent on Early Childhood Special Education saves seven dollars later on.”

Details of the report can be seen online at

The board also approved the construction of the fitness facility discussed last month.  Building Trades students will work on the 60×100 building, which will house fitness equipment and restrooms near the activity field.

“The concrete work and plumbing will be done this summer so the Building Trades kids can get started in the fall,” Kracht said.

In other business, the board:

-Accepted the high bid of $1527 for the old HVAC units from the high school.  The high bidder was Trump Trucks.

-Attendance is averaging 933 students, up from last year.

Six teachers are retiring or leaving the district.   Jon Kirchner-and Jan Oilar are retiring, while Teri Hooper, Grace LaRose and Ashley Burkhart are all leaving.  Darin Little previously left.

Mandy Shores has been hired as Black Hawk music teacher, Emily Bash will teach Running Fox  Fourth Grade, and Krista Walker will come to CCR-1 from Highland to teach High School Science. Curtis Mack will teach Building Trades, and Olivia Reardon will move from the High School to Running Fox Fifth Grade.

See the Pre-K report by clicking the link below:

pre K pdf