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High School Says Yes To Cell Phones, No To Yoga Pants

By Mike Scott


Clark County High School and Middle School student handbooks were amended at last Monday’s special meeting of the CCR-1 School Board.

“We’re going to take a chance and allow students to check their phones between classes,” said Principal Jason Harper.  “A lot of times they might get a text from a parent during the day, and we want to prevent the phones from coming into the classroom.”

Students arriving after class starts will be subject to the school’s tardiness policy, however.

Yoga pants will need to be covered at both the High School and Middle School.  The high school dress code will add the line: “Leggings, yoga pants and other spandex based pants can only be worn if the student’s hips and buttocks are covered by an appropriate top, shorts, or additional non-spandex pants.”

The Middle School handbook will contain a similar statement.

Tobacco policies have been amended to include e-cigarettes and other similar nicotine delivery systems on school grounds.

At the high school, educational trips lasting more than one day will only be excused when the principal and teachers are notified in advance, and the “Needed At Home” excuse policy is more clearly defined.

“We want to clean up the wording and clear up a lot of strife,” said Harper.

The high school will also require photo ID for out of school dates attending school dances.

At the Middle School, students will no longer be allowed to bring soda or energy drinks to be consumed during their lunch period.

“Extra sugar and caffeine is something we want to discourage,” quipped Middle School Principal Jason Church.

Elementary school handbook changes will be made in July, and all students will receive the handbook at orientation.

In other business, the board agreed to seek bids for the preliminary work for the new fitness facility, which will be built to the west (across the driveway area) from the current pressbox at the Activity Field.

The board also approved its 2014-15 Budget, which will be reviewed in next week’s edition of The Media.