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Schweich Releases Follow-Up Report on Clark County Circuit Court


JEFFERSON CITY (Dec. 8, 2014) – State Auditor Tom Schweich released the follow-up report to his July 2014 audit of the Clark County Circuit Court today.


Here are the major findings from the audit and their current status of implementation:


Missing Monies:                                                         Implemented


Accounting Controls and Procedures:                    


            Segregation of Duties:                                   Partially Implemented


            Manual Receipt Slips:                                   Implemented


            Receipting and Depositing:                          Partially Implemented


            Non-Monetary Transactions:                       Not Implemented


            Accrued Costs:                                              Not Implemented


            Liabilities:                                                      Implemented


Circuit Court Procedures:


            Change and Petty Cash Funds:                   Implemented


            Bond Monies:                                                Implemented


            Passwords and Computer Inactivity:          Implemented


            Passport Fees:                                                In Progress


Law Library Fund Controls/Procedures:              Implemented


Drug Court Deposits:                                               Implemented


View the entire report here:

audit follow up

Follow-Up Report On Audit Findings First Judicial Circuit Clark