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Munzlinger Wants To End Concealed Carry Ban on College Campuses

State Senator Brian Munzlinger

State Senator Brian Munzlinger

By Mike Scott

State Senator Brian Munzlinger has sponsored and prefiled 17 bills for the 2016 legislative session. Two of those relate to the right to conceal and carry a firearm.

Senate Bill 656 will specify that no fee beyond $100 dollars will be required to apply for a concealed carry permit. This act specifies that no additional fee may be charged, including any fee for fingerprinting or criminal background checks. It will also allow addition time for military personnel to renew their permits.

Senate Bill 731 would remove the ban on carrying a concealed firearm in a higher education institution. It would also provide an exemption for institutions that demonstrate the permanent placement of security personnel and electronic weapons screening devices at each entrance to any building on the property, and provides a requirement that security personnel screen each person entering the building for weapons, and a requirement that any weapons found be held by security personnel while the person is in the building.

SB 582 modifies the composition of the Career and Technical Education Advisory Council, giving the Commisisoner of Education the power to appoint three of the 11 members. In also adds two appointed Senator and two appointed Representative, (one from each party, respectively) to the council. Currently, the governor appoints all 11

SB 583 creates an instructional waiver review board for the University of Missouri System. Such review board shall be composed of nine members as described in the act, and terms shall be three years.
The review board will meet at least twice annually to evaluate instructional waivers, and the number of waivers granted will not exceed 30 percent of the regular faculty.

SB 584 will allow those licensed by the Department of Agriculture to grow and handle industrial hemp.

SB 655 will repeals the Advisory Council to the Director of the Missouri Agriculture Experiment Station and establishes the Fertilizer Control Board compose of 13 members.

SB 657 modifies provisions relating to liability for the use of incompatible motor fuel, related to the Petroleum Storage Tank Insurance Fund, and limits liabilty of motor fuel vendors.

SB 702 permits the recovery of overpaid unemployment compensation benefits; benefits obtained by reason of nondisclosure or misrepresentation of a material fact; orb enefits obtained by reason of error, omission, or lack of knowledge of a material fact on the part of the Division of Employment Security through billing, setoffs against state and federal tax refunds, intercepts of lottery winnings, and collection efforts as provided under current law.

SB 703 modifies the definition of livestock by changing the word “buffalo” to “bison”.

SB 704 – This act requires every department and division of the state, including the General Assembly and the offices of statewide elected officials, to make information available to the public relating to all contracts entered into greater than $2,500 for the provision of legal services by private law firms.

SB 730 Modifies provisions relating to the election of political parties.

SB 730 – This act modifies numerous provisions relating to political party committee elections.

SB 732 requires the Department of Public Safety, in cooperation with any statewide organization representing broadcasters, to establish a program for training and certifying broadcast engineers and technical personnel as first informer broadcasters These informer broadcasters would be be trained concerning the restoration, repair, and resupply of broadcaster facilities and equipment in emergency or disaster areas. They would also be allowed in emergency or disaster areas to restore or repair broadcast facilities.

SB 752 would allow certain assistant physicians, advanced practice registered nurses, and physician assistants to prescribe all Schedule II medications.

SB 769 would prohibit political subdivisions from enacting ordinances, rules, or regulations relating to the labeling or use of fertilizers or soil conditioners.

SB 770 creates the Missouri Qualified Gaseous Biofuel Producer Incentive Fund, to be used to provide subsidies to Missouri qualified gaseous biofuel producers as defined in this act.

SB 777 allows students enrolled in approved virtual institutions to participate in the Access Missouri Financial Assistance Program.

SJR 19 – Currently, four members comprise the Conservation Commission. Upon voter approval, this proposed constitutional amendment increases the membership to eight and requires members to be appointed from each of the eight conservation regions as such regions have been designated as of December 1, 2011. Further, this proposed constitutional amendment limits the number of members that are independent of any political party to the number of independents elected as part of Missouri’s congressional delegation in the most recent presidential election. This proposed constitutional amendment also limits the time a member may serve on the Commission to the earlier of either two terms or twelve years.