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Kahoka Police Chief Addresses Allegations Raised By Concerned Citizen

By Mike Scottpolice-car-lights-2

On Monday morning, June 6, The Media received an email from a concerned citizen regarding two recent incidents involving Kahoka Police officers.

We contacted Kahoka Police Chief Bill Conger to discuss the incidents and allegations. Because they are personnel-related, there are some things he could not answer. However, Conger did confirm both the incidents did take place.

In the first incident, an officer accidentally discharged a firearm inside the dispatch center, which narrowly missed striking a female dispatcher.

“It was turned over to the Sheriff for investigation. I never investigate incidents with my own officers. I would have contacted the DDCC, (Missouri Highway Patrol Division of Drug and Crime Control) but he (Sheriff Paul Gaudette) asked that it be kept in house. The officer was terminated,” Conger said.

A second incident involved an officer arrested on an outstanding warrant in Lewis County. The officer was arrested when he arrived for a job interview.

The concerned citizen also alleged Conger does   not complete a background check on officers hired, a statement which Conger denied.

“He (the officer) didn’t pay a speeding ticket. The warrant had not been issued when he was hired, which was why it didn’t show up on a background check,” Conger said. “We run background checks and drug test all of our officers before we hire them.”