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Guns, Jewelry Stolen From Rural Luray Home

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On the night of July 27, 2017, several items were stolen from a residence located approximately 6 miles North of Luray, Clark, County, Missouri. Upon returning home the owner noticed several items missing. The owner discovered 13 firearms and a small safe which contained diamond jewelry and silver coins had all been stolen.

The owner reported the following fire arms stolen from his residence. Three (3) hand guns were stolen, a Ruger 22 caliber automatic pistol, Ruger 22 caliber automatic pistol, Ruger P-95 9 millimeter pistol. Six (6) rifles were stolen, a Savage model 11 204 caliber, Remington model 700 BDL 30 odd 6 caliber, Remington 700 ABL 22/250 caliber, Remington ML 50 caliber black powder, Remington nylon 66 22 caliber, Henry Repeating Arms company Golden Boy brand new in box 22 caliber. Four (4) shot guns were stolen, a Remington Sportsman 58 20 gauge, Remington Sportsman 48 16 gauge, Franchi model 48 12 gauges, Remington model 16 Sportsman 12 gauge.

If someone approaches you wanting to sell guns, please contact your local law enforcement agency. Possession of a stolen gun is a felony and could leave you in a position to prove you did not steal the gun and prove you’re innocent from a crime.
It’s extremely important for gun owners to copy down the serial number on their gun(s). This will be beneficial when you report your gun(s) stolen to law enforcement, so they can enter the stolen gun into the system. If your stolen gun is ever used in a crime and later recovered by law enforcement this could protect you knowing the gun was stolen and not in your possession when the crime occurred.

If you or someone you know has information about this crime please contact the Clark County Sheriff’s office at phone number 660-727-2416 or fax number 660-727-2445

Thank you for your continuous support in helping keep Clark County safe and making it a great place to live and raise our children!

Shawn Webster, Clark County Sheriff