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Branson Competes At National Bowling Tournament

Trenton Branson bowling at the National Tournament

Trenton Branson

By Samantha Norman

Has almost every person in your life been passionate about the same sport?

Trenton Branson has experienced this first hand with bowling. From his grandparents, to his parents, and even his girlfriend and their family, Trenton is around bowlers constantly. When his family started his bowling career at a very young age, he enjoyed it from the start and decided to continue since then, now bowling for the team at Culver-Stockton College in Canton.

He explained that his biggest help has been from not only his family, but his coaches when he was youth bowling, his teammates at Culver-Stockton, and his girlfriend’s father Ryan Moore, who is the Keokuk High School bowling coach. Trenton’s favorite thing about the sport, though, is meeting interesting and diverse people. “I think it’s kind of cool, just getting to meet some of the new people when you bowl.”

When a spot opened on a team that was headed to United States Bowling Congress, or USBC, Open Championships in Syracuse, New York, Trenton was asked to fill that spot and he accepted the offer. According to the USBC website, this national tournament takes place over a span of months, this year from March 24th to July 7th, and attracts anywhere from 60,000 to 90,000 participants every year, making it recognized as one of the world’s largest participatory sporting events. Trenton said that even though he didn’t place, getting to go to such a large bowling event was a reward in itself.

“Just getting to actually go and bowl at a tournament that big is something I’ve never experienced before. So it was cool getting a chance to bowl in a tournament like that.” he said.

Trenton says that although he’s not sure where his bowling career will take him after college, he will definitely continue to play. And, after his first run at the USBC Open Championships, he’d like to get the chance to go back to the national tournament again.

“I’ll definitely continue to be bowling at least leagues and stuff (after college). I’d love to keep bowling at nationals each year.”

For now, he is looking forward to the rest of his time bowling with his team at Culver-Stockton.