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Log Jam on Fox River

A large log jam has developed in the Fox River east of Kahoka, at the end of Rt. EE. Fast flowing water from the recent heavy rains have swept hundreds of logs, trees and other debris downstream, where much of it has piled up against the pillars of the bridge.

On Friday morning, Clark County Road and Bridge supervisor Troy Kiger and Eastern District Commissioner Henry Dienst were surveying the situation. According to Kiger, they plan to try to break a corner of the log jam away from a bridge pillar, using an excavator. However, since the river is dropping, they are unsure if they can reach it with that equipment. If that doesn’t work, Kiger said they will use a crane with a clam bucket to lift the debris out of the river, and cut it into smaller pieces.

Photos and video of the log jam can be seen below: