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Kahoka Mayor Candidates Answer Questions

With the April 6 Municipal Election just a week away, we gave Kahoka Mayor Jerry Webber and challenger Sandy Kleine the opportunity to answer several questions.  Below are their answers.  We encourage all eligible voters to make sure they vote on Tuesday, April 6.


Why are you running for Mayor of Kahoka?

I live here and I will die here, so I want to make it nice while I am here.  My wife and I both grew up here in this community.  It is our home.

What is your plan to improve the city’s infrastructure?

To continue with the programs that we (the city) has going.  The water line replacement project and the street paving that follows, increasing lagoon capacity through irrigation, sewer repairs, improving water quality through filtration and upgrades to electrical distribution.

As Mayor, what will you do to promote economic growth?

I have tried to bring several different businesses to the community that didn’t work out.  We have an Economic Development Committee that I am on and we are going to keep trying.

Are there any changes that you will make if elected/re-elected?

I have none planned at this time, but I will keep working on finding money for the city.

Why should Kahoka voters elect you as Mayor?

I think my track record of what the city has accomplished so far speaks for itself.  We manage our money very well; our equipment is in good shape and we are working through our ongoing projects and street repairs.



Why are you running for mayor of Kahoka?

I love my hometown and we are in desperate need of change.  Our growth as a community has to come to a standstill and our citizens requests and problems aren’t being addressed in a timely manner at all.

What is your plan to improve the city’s infrastructure?

I want to take a deep dive into any 2-5-year plans that may exist for infrastructure and study if they can be accelerated with existing funds in an effort to decide if we can save significant amounts by doing them now instead of later.  If those plans don’t exist, I will work toward developing them with a respectful coordination with a tax payer committee to help make recommendations.  Involvement in Kahoka residents should always be welcomed and sought after.  The folks who live here are best suited to decide priorities.  Please vote for me on April 6th.

As Mayor, what will you do to promote economic growth?

I was a member of the Kahoka/Clark County Chamber of Commerce for several years.  During this time, I met several people from all over the northeast section of Missouri.  I asked a lot of questions about ideas and projects they had going on in their community that were successful.  While I realize population there were several communities that are the same size or smaller than we are.  They had explored and received government grants for many of their projects.  I feel working more with the chamber of commerce, our businesses, schools, banks, and senior services to get information to create an accurate demographic profile is key to have to show to have potential new industry looking to come into our area.

Are there any changes you will make if elected?

Yes!  First and foremost, the public needs to be involved and informed on how their tax money is being spent.  I want all city council meetings to be made public via Facebook.  I also want the meetings moved to a bigger place, so more people can attend and be heard.  We could utilize the CARE building, the Senior Center, possibly one of our school gyms, the library etc., that way there are no secrets, and everyone is on the same page.  I also want complaints and requests dealt with in a timely manner.  I think our city police department needs a complete overhaul.  My personal opinion is that we don’t need one.  We already pay the county to dispatch for the city and when you call the police you call the sheriff’s office.  The sheriff’s office houses the jail.  Common sense tells me why not save time, money, and confusion and let Sheriff Webster handle it.  The money saved could add to salaries as an incentive for cops to stay, training, equipment etc.  I also plan to read up on all ordinances and make sure they are followed!  I want the cemetery trust fund redone so it can actually be used to maintain the cemetery and keep it looking nice instead of just sitting in an account.  I would pursue some kind of ordinance for the condition and regulations to put a mobile home in Kahoka.  This town needs to be cleaned up from the inside out!  You never get a second chance to make a first impression to a potential new business.

Why should Kahoka voters elect you as Mayor?

Because I care about the future of this town and the people in it.  I want to see Kahoka thrive, not die.  I will do my best to be available to talk with anyone about problems, concerns or requests that they may have.  And, I will develop a methodology for folks who are bringing issues to the council at a particular meeting to describe the issue and how we could help be of assistance with it.  I would ask this be delivered ahead of the meeting if they want agenda time.